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purely culturally, satoshi sounds exotic, and unique - ok, maybe not to Japanese people, but most of the world isn't Japanese - whereas bit has all the appeal of wet cardboard.

personally think of myself just as a Bitcoiner - used to describe myself as an enthusiast, but have since dropped any qualification - the toxic maximalists are right (with a few inevitable bad takes along the way), and have been a guiding light from the start for me - which is some way back now - using it as an emotional slur indicates a lack of counterargument to their positions.

Lightsats does something similar, but if the recipient doesn't collect the gift, it returns to the gifter after some time.


Nothing that any of them are saying is new in any way - they're well worn tropes, and have nothing to do with the left - the whole thing reads as, to use their lexicon, appropriation - they are too arrogant, vain and dim to shift THEIR views away from their defunct idealogical delusion and it's long history of failure and degeneracy, instead trying to extort 'the narrative' of Bitcoin to enable them to continue to inhabit their position, or perhaps, to try to remain relevant in a period of fundamental societal change that Bitcoin (amongst other things) is invoking.

p.s. fuck 'em.

Your first comment reads like an example of the minimization BitcoinSanity was talking about, and your second like a snide personal attack on the OP and contributor to the video in question (who was posting pictures of rural retreats and the experience of living outside of metro areas recently, incidentally).

Nigeria seems to be being coerced into CBDC compliance, if this post is anything to go by -


It links to an r/bestconspiracymemes post -


No idea if this is genuine information or not, but even if it is faked, the method described to push people into compliance is believable, and disturbing to say the least.

lol, another proposal right here on SN -

n3xB - naive Nostr no-KYC exchange for Bitcoin


Have no idea how the Nostr stuff will affect design, or even user experience, but it'll be interesting to watch how competing approaches fare, and produce better tools and services in the process.

The Shocknet team's Lightning.Pub is a good example - they don't like Bolt12, or at least, they don't like the onion messaging it uses, and openly state this as the reason for pursuing the Nostr based approach they're taking -


For them, Nostr is a solution to the problems they see with LN tooling presently -



I don't have the chops to credibly assess their claims, but appreciate the work being done will ultimately help push things forward.

How is this distinct from the just released LN Bits Nostr Marketplace extension?

Other than the claim to allow trading (BTC?) and financial derivatives, (and could the LN Bits extension be tweaked to support such things if they were wanted ?) i'm not sure how this proposal competes/complements the LN Bits approach, which is available to use now.

@DarthCoin has a guide for the extension posted here today -


Happy to be enlightened by anyone in the know.

I posted this a couple of weeks back, concerning a Nostr based accounts system for LN, from the Shocknet team called Lightning.Pub -


It's still being built, and they're open to collaboration.

throw a few sats their way on their donation website -


scroll down and select 'custom amount'

(BTC PayServer)

vague hope that things like this will push the mongs crapping jpegs into the blockchain onto lightning so their garbage no longer stinks up main net - maybe as onchain fees rise?

This stuff happening at the same time as Bukele passing legislation to stimulate tech enterprise in El Salvador, while multiple countries move away from Dollars a year on from Russia's foreign reserves being sanctioned, and US and Euro banks publicly fail, really shows the acceleration/intensification of the shift that's occurring - the desperation of the US Govt is palpable in these deranged proposals - it's got a real 'The harder they grasp, the more it slips through their fingers' feel to it.

'third implementation'

4th, or even 5th (whatever happened to ptarmigan ?)

It's a Bolt Fun Makers project -


There's a further demo video on Lightning.Video -


Github -


What do you guys think ? There seems to be a deepening integration of Lightning and Nostr - Is this a positive direction for LN, or do you have any concerns around things moving in this direction ?

I'm keen to hear others takes, as although i'm excited by the possibilities, i don't have the chops to assess the credibility of these approaches on any deeper levels.

slightly confused by the term balance here - to me, the size of a channel is it's capacity, and it's balance is how much is on either side -

eg - if a channel is 50/50, or 80/20 on either side, that is the balance

the capacity in both cases would be 100

the explanation seems to be(?) using balance to describe both balance AND capacity, arbitrarily - but i could just be misunderstanding...

i kind of miss mircea - although he was a pitiless character, his roguish humour and radicalism was unique in the space - his was one of the voices i would return to on the subject of Bitcoin, which was the best section to sift thru on Trilema - well, that and the laughably bad porn he'd intermittently post...

and you're right - he could see the direction of travel with stark clarity and didn't waste time playing nice to get along, with just about anyone - you can like or dislike him or his views, but he could see the future was up for grabs for those smart and strong enough to claim it - it was inspiring to me, as a noob back then.

enjoyable read - stuff to consider here, and ponder on

thanks for the offer, but i'm just pressing my face up against the glass with a lot of this stuff like Nostr/Cashu/LNbits to get an idea of it - i saw the note in passing while looking at the satellite client post here on SN -


saw a note today from calle about cashu over nostr

not too sure what to link here, so here's the event id -


and a direct link -


was mildly disappointed to realise this wasn't one of those Bitcoin bingo things after failing to find the 'Blockstream lizard/BIG BLOX!!1!' squares...