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if it's truly impervious, one must assume it does not require ones nsec...
Else truly, impervious will control your data, identity and communications in perpetuity.
there may be foss clients, but they still connect closed source TG servers, you can't self host TG, it's centralised
if you trust TG you might just as well trust TikTok
or SMS
Just because you've invested time building TG communities and content, doesn't justify shilling TG as a safe platform for chatting / communicating. It's not paranoia, you know as well as I do that TG admins can see a LOT of detail in relation to users and conversations.
no self respecting bitcoiner would install Telegram
1 - it's closed source, cannot be self hosted 2 - requires a phone number 3 - shitcoinery
is there even an apk available for it? don't see one on their website
nice, didn't know that
being grateful is highly underrated
Thanksgiving isn't a thing in Europe, nor is Black Friday, but lots of companies try to make it a thing, which is a bit cringe
"buy our stuff at a discount because of this foreign holiday!!"
when will apple developers learn..
the issue applies equally to microsoft to be fair
you could lose your github, teams, outlook, linkedin, windows logins just as fast with an errant twatter link
try them all!
Just avoid those that require pasting your private key into a browser.
Best to use an extension for login, or native app for now
I agree it's bad, but unless the incentives are changed...
Miners gonna mine their own business (terms)
Telegram is not a safe platform
SN is great but for true social media there is only one option (nostr)
Miners should be able to mine what they want
If you don't like it, use a different pool
What else do you expect, when using the apple walled garden?
thanks - so it's basically just an advertisement for a fancy snack bar
not public, also requires execution of closed source twatter javascript
with simplex you are simply responsible for your own backups. And bigger groups are in the roadmap: https://github.com/simplex-chat/simplex-chat#roadmap
captchas on matrix? since when? never seen it on any of our instances or clients. btw I wouldn't recommend ever connecting to matrix.org, use a self hosted instance, not that hard
this is a great post btw, I agree the perfect messenger app does not exist (yet)
I would love for it to be briar due to their mesh networking feature, but the app does need more work.
Why would they pay this much if it wasn't a honeypot
  • requires mobile number
  • google captcha
  • can't use your own server
Avoid signal. Simplex, self hosted matrix, 0xchat are all good alternatives
actually no, the first one was Liberland, and they still hold most of their reserves in BTC
or so they said, once.
Is there any evidence they followed up on this policy?
Only I haven't seen any. Would love to be corrected, I'd like to believe this happened / is still happening.
it's not enough, should be higher