855 stacked

Then the CIA is even terrible at spying and understanding national intrigue which is supposed to be what it excels at.

A single point of failure and avoiding that is the whole point of Tor?

Oh, I see. You are one of those people whose opinion I shouldn't listen to. Got it!

You like tech billionaires that made their billions off the data of their walled gardens being involved in stuff designed to stop walled gardens? Do you also like oil tycoons making environmental policies?

It's sweet that someone thinks they are listening and like elections matter.

I all ready posted an article here about fold stating that something unusual was going on with it. Here it is.

Wow, so people aren't hoarding coins because they are greedy! All those whales must be out there just for humanitarian reasons, and yet--look at at the problems that are still going on with multiple billions of dollars in crypto available!

The script you accuse me of losing. You do remember, right? It's right up there in your own words.

I don't use a script. Big difference between you and me.

When you say ES you mean...?

Bunch of entitled people thinking they are changing the world when they are at risk of doing the same ole thing.

As you get older, you are not as "Taken aback" by everything else also being older.

Gee golly, I wonder if this could be like--you know--totally some kinda mark of the beast shit or something?

Nah. They are a sign of everything staying exactly like it is, Ron Paul. Don't worry, you will still be able to live better than most people.

Followed by: Reason's not to have sex with underaged persons.