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Howdy @03b07e0126 and welcome to SN
Just want to introduce you to the ~AGORA territory, a place to buy or sell your products and services with other stackers and obviously use bitcoin P2P as a medium of exchange.
Read this intro guide whenever needed, and if you have any feedback or suggestion on how we can make this space more useful, please do get in touch!
Wish you great and prosperous times around this wonderful corner of the internet!
Stay tuned, stack sats ;)
Hard Core Nostrich, Welcome to the decentralized web. Get started on your journey to the future with the guides below. First time (nostriches) start here! #535829 Would you like a purple crumpet❓ #543258 Content Creator Tools for writers + mini guide setting up Obsidian #560581
Stack Sats and stay humble.