A cute, whimsical and easily digestible guide to get acquainted to Nostr Wonderland, Part two. Perfect for continuing first time (N)ostriches to learn. Includes audio link to follow along with the article. This continues from the first article, "First Time (N)ostrich Start Here!”
👉play the audio to listen to the article. Part One Part two This guide includes some tips for Apple users that is not included in the audio.

Excusez-moi, s’il vous plaît. That tasted purple🍵🌺

🤤😮Are you still thirsty from the previous article? Are you amazed by the different flavors of web3 enabled sites, clients, and apps? Did you try out using NIP-07, "Signer extension?" Nos2x or NostrConnect are pretty spiffy, eh! Did it bring a similar reaction like when you first learned how to drive? When I started to explore Nostr I had that “whoa, that a lot easier than Facebook,” moment. 💡⚡A light bulb started to flicker on.
🎉🎈Are you having fun yet? Would you like another cup of tea? 💸HODL (Hold On for Dear Life) as we sip our way to purple. Things here in Nostr wonderland are curiouser and curiouser every day. One day it's 🍕pizza 🥧pie? And then the next day it's Danny, Dan, Dan. Hold on to your petticoat, because you're about to get swept away, by the tools to get the most out of Nostr.

But first, would you like a purple crumpet?💜🥞

🍵🍰🎉This wouldn't be much of a tea party without a bit of finger food. If you are following me, I'm just a little hors d'oeuvre among the many here on Nostr. So let's try some other flavors. You can start with some influencers from twitter that have fallen into the rabbit hole here at this link.
I follow Jack and Edward Snowden, but there are several others.
💡🎮🏈🎲🏹What are some topics, hobbies, and interests that are important to you? You can search for hashtags and follow those on your client. For example, #onigirl, #privacy, and even #cats in your search bar on your client. Remember, there are no algorithms here. If wish to have a vibrant feed or be fed random stuff(which is kinda cool sometimes), follow curators that you like.
👉🚦💤Don't sleep on "stacker.news", 🎩🔐📎They're entirely bonkers! But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are. Here are just a few.
📝@Lux drops “sovereignty pills"💊 daily in “Stacker Saloon,” 🏋️‍♀️@grayruby does 100 push-ups and squats until 100k Bitcoin, 🔏@sethforprivacy podcast host of "Opt Out," 🎼@MusicTrappa Former Tv Contestant of NBC the voice. 💣@nerd2ninja posts invigorating and provocative links and content, 🐝@Alby for bee news, @TNstacker, @0xbitcoiner, @undisciplined and dozens more! Plus a new territory just started by @AtlantisPleb called ~openagents revolving around NIP-90 Data Vending Machine, it is hilarious to play with. Try Trolly McPirate, tis quite fun.

Are you turning purple?💜

👉🍄🦋"Who are you?” said the Caterpillar Now, that you've drank and ate, are you changing color yet? Let's explore this wonderland that Nostr has given us! It starts with changing your profile and banner image to anything you like. Since, we're not robots.
👉🌻🌹"Do you suppose she's a wildflower?" asked the Daisy. 🌼🌷 ⭐NIP-05 identity DNS ⭐ Similarly to Twitter, a check mark is to show that you are from the same garden “like a human,” and not an outlier like a weed or, "bot." But not in the nefarious way that Big Tech handles this. In Nostr wonderland this allows you to map your silver key, "npub" to a DNS identifier. Once verified, eat a mushroom and shout out to announce your new Nostr residency to share. Just remember, one quick little thing. Break a small piece of the other side of the mushroom after, don't bite.
✨There are a plenty of options but if you've followed the steps in my previous article, "First time (N)ostrich start here!" guide following my advice to get a SN, "stacker.news" then this gets extremely easier.
👉✅Click your "Profile," then click "Settings," scroll to the bottom and paste your Silver key, "npub!" and click "save" and there you go! Use your Stacker.news lightning wallet address as your ⭐NIP-05.⭐ Congratulations!!! You are now verified! Give it a few hours and when you use your "main" client you should see a checkmark!

Beware of card soldiers 2-10

👉⚔🍎👑☠Oh No! The "Queen of Apples" has released a jabberwocky that threatens some Nostriches wallets! As long as you remain using her wares within Nostr Wonderland you may need to comply to her draconian ways! 👛👾👺🐭
❗It has come to my attention that Apple users cannot utilize Chrome webstore; thus are not able to take advantage of using "Signer extension." Whatever, shall we do? Shall we paint all the roses red?🌹
👉🎠🦄'Well, now that we have seen each other,’ said the Unicorn, ‘if you’ll believe in me, I’ll believe in you. Is that a bargain?🦁🤝
For 🍏Apple users, you can still use "stacker.news" by registering with your email to help you get a starter Bitcoin lightning wallet. Another option is Primal, please note both wallets have Satoshi limits. Primal, may not be in your interest if you're concerned with privacy.
👉🎠🌼🐝🌻 A unicorn sent a friend, to help thee.🐝🌷🌹 A solution for 🍏Apple users would be to get an invitational code from Alby. You are able to use Alby via Safari on your Mac Os, and as a signer extension. Then connect 💎Damus with Alby. The good news is you can find @Alby on stacker.news and ask! Or check them out on your client. Just search "hello@getalby.com" Once you get an account, you could use your Alby lighting address as your ⭐NIP-05⭐ address as an option. The bee whispered to me, “I also support android, Safari on Mac and things,” and flew high to lead us out.
Alby the bee, silver key

Quickly! Follow me out of this maze!

✨With the help from 🐝Albee, we escaped the 👑queen's jabberwocky. The key to decentralization is to shred all thing bounding you by unseen 🔗chains and "things". To abandon all things 🏫learned, and go back to thinking about 😲six impossible things. You should try it-- It certainly is such great practice. 💡For example, what if I told you that you were all ⚰dead? How 🤡preposterous and silly! But whose, 🤝who, to say it isn't? This is your adventure, dear user. I'm merely here to help guide you in all its marvels, and to safely navigate you through its treacherous terrains. How much 🦁muchness' do you have? Oh, blind me, do I see a clearing?

Ohh! Look here, my friends must have 🦺built a safe passage.

A ♨ steaming river is set before us. We must be very careful. Unless, you want to end up in the boiling sea. There are some boulders and pebbles over there. My 😊friends, must have laboriously put these here for Nostriches like us. I'll take you to the 🐸frogstr and 🐰hare, but then that will be the end of it.
I think I see him, He's right there. Ever since 🐸Frogstr converted to freedom, he's been spreading memes to others. Take a peek!
Memestr, Pinstr, Badges, If you've received badges, put them on by visiting here., Swarmstr cute interface to view hashtags, My favorite food client with optional OnionSauce, noStrudel tastes like 🤖Reddit, Gossip My favorite Desktop Client, Extensive List of all things Nostr., and Alice in Wonderland story.
My friend the 🐇white rabbit Yakihonne now supports 🍎iOs and 🤖Android. This app supports NIP-23 in all of its entirety. Feel free to soak up the information there. When NIP-65? 🎯I don't know. Let's 🐜bug them to do that.
You can easily find all my content on 🐇Yakihonne.com or on the app. My only grief I have with the 🐰hare is that it's not Open Source. Annoy the 🐇white rabbit to go Open Source if you can catch him! He's always going off about "⏰Time⌚" which brings me to the end of my guide.

We're lucky to escape the Bloody Shrewd 👑Knave, but he will send his 🃏card ⚔soldiers yet again.

📢Lastly, dear user. What better time then now to make your life more ⛓decentralized, if not now then when? Take back your ⚖digital sovereignty, and it starts here in Nostr 🐹Wonderland. Use the 🛠tools here, and share your knowledge, experiences, or whatever and 💰monetize it. Join the 🎉Freedom Party! Learn about the Knights of Nostr that are fighting for Freedom Tech and the projects that are contributing to make it happen. FOSS for all!
👉Have you tried the 🍊Orange 🍵Tea, Dear User? It's quite divine. Would you like me to write a 💰Bitcoin guide? Let me know in the comments! I appreciate all feedback.
👉You can read my 🧵first article here. Alternatively, you can click/tap "here" if you're logged into app client.
🙇‍♀️🙏It would be the highest honor for me if you 🔖bookmarked my article and 🔁shared it with future (N)ostriches.
"Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality." -Lewis Carroll
🧧⚡Zapping⚡ is always appreciated, but is not required.
💜🧡Thank you💖💋
📢🥂Special Shout-outs
🐶Uno - Spreading Nostr love npub14q8uffuxxnhzd24u4j23kn8a0dt2ux96h5eutt7u76lddhyqa0gs97ct2x
🥂Derek Ross - welcoming committee to Nostr; I'm jumping on this. npub18ams6ewn5aj2n3wt2qawzglx9mr4nzksxhvrdc4gzrecw7n5tvjqctp424
👏Nos Social - Introducing me to the Nos App community npub1pu3vqm4vzqpxsnhuc684dp2qaq6z69sf65yte4p39spcucv5lzmqswtfch
🐇Yakihonne - For supporting all things Nip-23 npub1yzvxlwp7wawed5vgefwfmugvumtp8c8t0etk3g8sky4n0ndvyxesnxrf8q
🐱‍💻Semisol - working hard to keep TOR relays up npub12262qa4uhw7u8gdwlgmntqtv7aye8vdcmvszkqwgs0zchel6mz7s6cgrkj
📝James - Introducing me to use my obsidian tool or earring. (I've converted at least seven Nostr since then) npub10a8kw2hsevhfycl4yhtg7vzrcpwpu7s6med27juf4lzqpsvy270qrh8zkw
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Interesting writing style. It took me a minute, but I started to understand the food analogy. Because nostr has so many options maybe a user might think its overwhelming and get decision paralysis, but food is also a vast array of options and that's not overwhelming, its exciting. So it serves a nice perspective shift.
Now I gotta get my gripes in. First, nostr is web 1.0 if anything. I think web 2.0 was mostly marked by web browser code execution (JavaScript) and styling (CSS). However, no note executes in your client and your styling is client defined, not note defined.
And uh...invigorating and provocative links and content huh? Like thought provocative right? XD
Yes, I watched some of your links. I never commented much. But I've been watching you, there in the back row. I thought you posted up some good thoughts stuff and was worth mentioning. There are a lot of good peeps in here. Very Happy to be here, and share my Nostr love.
another interesting Hamstr-ish article. love the last pic. you really make me rethink my nostr inactivity. do you know of any nostr app similar to tweetdeck? i like to organize my feeds and not relying on the algo to show me content
You know, I put quite a bit of your sovereign pills hidden within the article. And it came out to be an extremely wonky article, but how else am I supposed to deliver to everyone they're dead? or um legal fiction.
I think I might have committed writer's suicide-- Sovereignty pdf link, pill image, muchness-video link and the hamsters playing chess.
I missed the "muchness" video at first and the pill image. Great work, unique style. will def check the apps you recomended
hey look at this I think I found this.. Don't laugh and NO i'm not joking check this out if you want a twitter like style
i don't own it!! just FYI!!
haha, amazing. thanks and, no, I don't want a twitter like experience. I want to be in absolute control of the feeds, lists, groups... i liked tweetdeck because I could very intuitively organize endless feeds by categories, hashtags, people, groups... with just a click or two. we are still not there in nostr, this the biggest friction for me, but I'm also very lazy :)
Ahh, so you're enjoying the rabbit style, then?
It may take a few more years for Nostr to get to a full fledge twitter style. But it's nice to see developments that they're working towards. Even twitter started out as trash, it took awhile before media companies used it to deliver news.
21 sats \ 1 reply \ @Lux 19 May
In my opinion, twitter IS and always was trash and I could only use it trough tweetdeck. I deactivated twatter when Elon bought it
say no more. I understand. I hate twitter too.
There is no Algo. There is Freerse app if you want to organize through specific hashtags. Another one is swarmstr.com .. if you want a tweetdeck like style I think rabbit might be up your alley but it's on the web. I don't think they have a phone app.
Ahhh what an amazing shoutout! Adorable article and well-articulated 🔥✨‼️ Amazing Work
Since I cannot re edit this. I'm going to put it here. Revised cover image
This article contain several links hidden within the text. If you dare to understand the meaning behind the last image. Click on "daily" for an image, read it. Then click on "muchness" to watch a video(about 1h) link. After you've done that, revisit here and look at my last image. You might have missed something.
This is beautiful and extremely well done!