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Stop interviewing this guy...

He has a LUNA tattoo!

Could you sum it up?

Seems like this open AI thing is pretty cool. I was going to have a play around with it but needed to dox my phone number.

You can see this is going to replace a lot of writers in the not too distant future

I'm still skeptical of algo stables. Even if they're well collateralized, they are still printed from thin air.

So I guess people that live in jurisdictions with crappy currencies, & don't yet understand bitcoin I think a centralized stable coin like USDC might be best.

Problem with that is its only on ETH & SOL, & we just saw what can happen using these shitcoins

How will the dollars be issued on Taro? Through fiat dollars in a bank or algorithmic with BTC collateral?

I like electrum too

Thanks Parman, I'd like to try the encrypted signing function. Didn't know about that

Just keep repeating the important points

  • not your keys, not your coins.
  • bitcoin is decentralized

And keep learning to be able to answer questions if they are interested

Was John the guy who won a bitcoin a few years back? Guessing the last 4 words of a 12 word seed?

Like it was always programmed to do

Yeah, stick to BTC

There are huge risks in all the 1000's other coins.

I'd personally like chainalysis to go bankrupt, but I think they'll be able to get unlimited government funding over the coming years

Its a beautiful thing

If you need to send your sats somewhere else that's perfectly fine


At first glance it looks a little complex

Passphrase+ seed or Multisig might be a lot easier