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Host of the Bitcoin And . . . podcast (https://tinyurl.com/unm35bjh)

I used to be Bennd77 (Nunya Bidness) on Twitter until I got banned. Now I am @GhostOfNunya.

I identify as a Dead Kenny #Bitcoin Attack Helicopter.

Pronouns: Thee/Thou/Sire/m'Lord/m'Leige

Other social media:

Keybase: davidcbennett Mastodon: @NunyaBidness@bitcoinhackers.org Gettr: @bennd77 MeWe: davidcbennett LinkedIn: david-bennett-706b0a21 Patreon: BitcoinAndPodcast Instagram: bitcoin_and Substack: nunya.substack.com Ghost: the-network.ghost.io


Welcome aboard!

Welcome, David.

To avoid SN automatically converting any @string to a link to a SN account, you'll need to use markdown.

And for the Mastodon, it thinks that's an e-mail address -- so markdown around that can fix that as well.

Noted. Thank you!