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Well that's a pretty cheap etcher and some plates too, which would be a neater way to keep them, but each to his own.
Hi Sorry either no notification or I didn't see it. Have you got telegram? https://t.me/yambub The low prices don't come with a lot of disk space, enough for a website but I am sure we can work something out. Let me know if no telegram, we can find another way to chat and figure out what you need.
Hi, you mean the hosting? Yeah, if you have telegram, can you join the group https://t.me/satoshihost cos I almost missed your message here.
The server was setup as a service so we can only use btcpay on it. It seems though like it will be better to run our own server on a VPS maybe. This one is turning out quite limited.
Unless you mean the hosting on our server? That's a full control panel, you don't need terminal and there is softaculous installer for stuff like wordpress, forums etc. It's a standard web hosting account. We can do VPS as well but leaving that until we have this part up and running.
Pretty much everything! I have an old HP HP_260_G1_Desktop_Mini_PC still going strong, and a HP_260_G1_Desktop_Mini_PC The desktop I bought new for 300 euros and the laptop was a refurb for about the same price. Apparently it was about 1400 dollars when new. Both running linux mint. I keep thinking about moving to debian now that I am familiar wiht linux, but mint works fine so why bother?
Hi we're all just volunteers here, at least at this stage we can't pay anyone. Are you on microlancer? There are a few places like that to earn, and the faucets and surveys too. Good luck.
Yes, bitcoin is about using it, all the "investment" (i.e. gambling) stuff is just a waste of something that has the potential to allow us to make a better world. If we can replace government "money" with bitcoin then the scumbags would not be able to make wars any more.
Having said that, I had a look at the nomen site.. It looks like a great project and idea but it's a bit hard for me at the moment. I subbed on github as a reminder to me to have another go in a while when maybe it's less geeky (or I'm more geeky!)
I hadn't seen your post before writing the same "plugging away" phrase. That's the spirit! If you don't give up you can't lose.
Still plugging away at the peer to peer charity project. This week should see our BTCpay system integrated into satoshihost.com which is how we intend to fund the projects. The same payment system will be relatively easy to then put into operation on the charity projects. We'll need some beta testers soon, I'll post in here and then if anyone's interested I'll send you sats to put through the system and test it out.
This happened to me a few times, when things got busy and my usually ok low fee didn't get any attention. After a while it gets dropped and your transaction is effectively cancelled. There's nowhere else it can go.
That's great thanks! I may have been premature with the ad anyway, it might turn out a good mistake from my PoV!
Wow I am overwhelmed by your devastating use of logic there. I concede.
You will notice that all my links are properly formatted. Not checking before accusing someone is so lame.