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I have a similar backup just more passphrases (eggs & a single basket comes to mind).

Memorised the seed words & passphrases as an addition to the setup, the same goes for my OH. We both have a full access to our Bitcoin bank (I mean we own our bank) accounts 24/7, everywhere on the planet. No other bank is capable to offer these services, for near free.

I guess your point is that the nocoiners are closer to become slaves than they ever have been before.

I'm so glad we have Bitcoin to save us and the rest or the population. Satoshi made the hardest part, all we have to do is to teach the nocoiners what we know.

The author is shilling gold which is very difficult to transfer in any large quantity. But the neat part is, Bitcoin fixes this too.

That's why I keep smiling when crossing borders. A properly self custodied bitcoin doesn't care about capital controls. Taking it with me across the globe is an amazing feeling and a proof how small the governments are. Bitcoin simply doesn't recognise their borders and the governments are about to learn a very painful lesson.

The havings can't be endless and I agree, the fees will be the main source of miners's income before we have such a fork.


SN has the most Bitcoin signal and the first place I visit every single day.

Twitter for example is mostly just noise, filled with bots, scammers and shitcoiners, pretending to be Bitcoiners.

But being on twitter is important to me too. Because that's where we inform the nocoiners, that's where we teach the shitcoin shilling celebrities and politicians. That's where we explain the energy consumption to journalists. That's where we fight!

Bitcoin cat

There's a (sort of) solution to this tail emission discussion, not mentioned in the article.

We will have to hard fork Bitcoin in the future (the year 2038 problem), don't panic, we have time until 2100-ish. With this hard fork, we might do more changes at once, like increase the block size, something we still don't need. I'm sure there will be other issues waiting to be sorted.

Anyway, what we can also do, is to go smaller units than satoshis. We already do use millisats (three decimal spaces) on the LN, we might go much further.

Now, the last halving in 2140-ish will dictate the block reward at 1 satoshi. What if it won't be the last halving but we will have a following cycles, rewarding miners 0.5 sahoshi, the next 0.25 sat, etc?

This way, we won't need to implement the tail emission and the 21 million coin will still be intact.

Note: there's this limiting factor, the max value of a 64 bit integer (18,446,744,073,709,551,615) but I'm sure we'll find a way around it too.

That's correct, it doesn't. Like it doesn't matter who Satoshi is. We all are a part of this community and what we do here is more important than what our username says.

Will there be some scammers, claiming they're Elon, doing the good ol' "double your coin"? Sure. Will the victims of the scam ever check their digital signature? Never.

I just verified myself in the mirror. Yup it's me.

Now, whoever you think I am, I'm not that HODL. I'm a completely different person, living on a different continent. Should the other HODL want this username, we'll have to settle in sats. Anything below ₿6.15 won't be considered. Good luck!

According to this site, the worst year for Bitcoin was 2017 when it died ove 100 times.

I would expect the printer to go on again. Bail-ins will piss many people off and scare the hell out of the fiat market.

I'm all for gReEn and reversible meth transactions. The sooner it kills itself, the better.


I mean unless nobody's using clickbait titles over there.

Much better idea. Tasks should be a completely new category.

In case someone will post something you don't like, goodbye. We all gunna miss you so much!

missing you already