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Create an anon address by using e.g. https://simplelogin.io for each signup. In case your email will be a part of a data leak, just remove this one and create another one.
TorBox is an easy to use, anonymizing router based on a Raspberry Pi. TorBox creates a separate WiFi that routes the encrypted network data over the Tor network. Additionally, TorBox helps to publish data easily and safely through Onion Services. The type of client (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile, etc.) and operating system on the client do not matter.
You can connect any device to the Tor-routed WiFi. Of course, if you just need to open a single webpage, you are better with the Tor Browser.
https://peachbitcoin.com is a fine app to buy non-KYC bitcoins. But
  • isn't Open Source
  • no support for Tor (use Orbot or VPN)
  • your account/wallet is linked to your DeviceID
If you use filter.nostr.wine you already aggregating some good non-paid relays see the full list: https://nostr-wine.github.io/filter-relay/#public-relays-read-filter-list
You can paid for another non-spam relay like https://eden.nostr.land
Wrote a post about Peach Bitcoin for the 21 community.
All paid relays: https://relay.exchange/
My favs:
  • nostr.milou.lol
  • relay.orangepill.dev
  • nostr.wine
Same but Tor Browser for non-work stuff.