818 stacked

Sorry editing this because i completly misread your post. Sorry.

Last thing i wanted to do was put money in a software experiment. Unfortunatly due to central banks and corrupt politicians the desperate choice becomes the only sane one.

First half of The Bitcoin Standard is an excellent history of money

Well that's subjective. Surely not long till we see Open Dime chains on rap videos.

Seconded. Fantastic podcast. Covers not only privacy but a lot of the why of privacy including episodes discussing the high proportion of psycopaths in positions of authority etc.

Nothing stopping you building your own shitcoin forum bud

Stay humble, stack sats, get more than one passport

Old thinkpad can be bought for a hundred bucks and upgraded with a 1TB SSD. Battery acts like a UPS and probably performs better and cheaper than raspi. As for why you should do it, you should do it so you can get privacy benefits using your node with Sparrow wallet to verify you own what you think you own and also to help make informed fee decisions running your own mempool instance. Eventually you should also have your own soverign lightning node connected to Zeus so you become your own bank and your own payments processor.

I found Jesus shortly before getting into bitcoin


How do Zapps work in Amethyst? I see the lightning button under posts but clicking it does nothing....

There are no ideal solutions but Coldcard is the best imo. One flaw is they are source viewable but not fully foss. Also I don't think it's possible to get a foss secure element. But I believe Coinkite are good actors and really know what they're doing. Check out some NVK podcasts (Bitcoin Review etc) and if you like NVK you'll probably like Coldcard (he owns the company)

Good excuse to ditch Apple I would say. Get a de Googled Android with Graphene or Calyx or Lineage as there are a couple of options now in the F-droid store.

Why not use air gapped with micro SD card?

i’m on exactly the same page as you. It’s reassuring to know i’m not alone. I too am searching for my role in the revolution but for now I stack, educate myself, learn the tools, and try to build community and a circular economy. But I think ultimately this is the hill i’d be willing to die on.

it’s best to think of multisig as a script. the address looks the same as a regular p2pkh especially if it’s segwit but actually that’s a hash of a script which requires the public keys and a quorum of signatures to satisfy the spending condition. So there is no actual multisig public/private key pairs generated and no xpub.