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All war is deception, and this is financial war
I think they mean that Geyser will organise it and host it and creator will respond to AMA on their own account
Good for SN: creators will bring their communities on SN Good for geyser: more visibility and funding for creators
Start doing creator AMAs on StackerNews every week or so.
I thought I knew what you meant by this ...
It could be hosted on Geyser
but I'm not sure what this means.

I'm down for it. Sounds great if it is what I think it is. You don't need our permission to run experiments like this. @benwehrman is the founder of this ~AMA territory and they'd might have an opinion.
Does anyone understand if and when incoming transactions to US wos wallets will be made unavailable?
Citibank fired 8k employees last week, banks starting to feel empty pockets.
The guy watched too many 007 films, lol
My gut says he’s another Zelenskyy, working for the US secret service, coked-up to the ears, doing lip service to American corporate-military-industrial complex. He looks like a completely CRAZY DUDE. How this guy is supported by bitcoiners makes me shiver. Wake the fuck up people!!
awesome thread, thanks! I've been to Uruguai, and indeed Cabo Polonio was memorable! Got beyond high while hanging out with sea lions and turtles!
How? If bitcoin 10x in 4 years the value of those 1000 sats onchain will grow more than the growth in fees
What we consider dust today won’t be dust in a few years ;)
He knows it’s all going to collapse so this is great timing to leave the party
How sovereign is proton really?
Binance will not recover, $ 3.2Bn in fees!! They’ll drag the whole crypto casino down with them
This is so cool! Much needed. Tried to send some sats but was not able to send