9605 stacked

The dumb grandma that any family likes to have in the kitchen for cutting potatoes

It hit me in march 2020 when the degenerates destroyed the illusion of freedom. I understood that it's my chance to strike back

Must be a nice feeling hiding in and being protected by the most criminal and dangerous institution of the continent. Wen the ECB falls You will hear some big popping bottles of champagne, followed up by some weird drunken stuff on Youtube. That will be me, Chrissie.

I am member of the working class: vino dulce de Málaga y cerveza de Águila. Cheers guys. Have a nice week-end

Don't worry guys! Now that I know this, I am going to push the price 50% upstairs tomorrow. Via FTX

Welcome to slavelandia, paradise of the fiat fraud central bank cantilloneers.

Big big shifts in narratives these days. Change in power incoming? Even the Davos commie crowd doesn't get through with its bs in recent weeks

Good view. Meanwhile we are forming a new type of monetary, peaceful and intellectual superior resistance that will attract more and more people at the upcoming turning point. Greets from the fu..ing cold costa del sol (15 degrees and sunshine which saves me today)

I am in Spain. There is literally no resistance in Europe any more. People will be adopting the new set of commie rules. The rest will emigrate. It's really a mess

But You do not really believe that a commie camarilla like the ECB will be able to roll out a CBDC for 500 mio. people? NGMI!

Correct. And we haven't seen nothing yet in the 'richer' societies. Or we managed to hide the damage in statistics like homelessness or drug addiction. Vola will find its way to the streets

Fu.k them commies. History won't give a shit. Stack BTC, read Nietzsche, care for fam and friends and enjoy life. Ban those freaks off Your mind

Charlie is a 99 year old fellow that made 100% of his wealth by playing the boom-bust cycles his buddies at the Fed created for guys like him. Still it isn't enough, eh?

This clown show makes me litteraly believe that anything is possible. Freaks...

I thought that creating an ugly low quality art stupid monkey and letting Rug Pal talking some bs about it should be enough... wrong again...

Think so, yes. Thanks for Your view.

What do You think will be the outcome?

Inflation will have a big surprising comeback. Liquidity is coming back to inflate energy and resource prices, the majority of states need to monetize their high debt - disinflation will be transitory.

Haha. Yes slowly I have an idea what's goin on... I am prepared mentally