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@DarthCoin I want to propose him to the presidency of the bitcoin community
Thanks for the tip in which direction to look, thanks, I will study ✌️
Hi, it wasn't my fault, I myself was shocked to be honest, it was a bug, I didn't on purpose
I'm not a fool, I'm a fan of blockchain technology, I'll be glad to meet you, I just don't understand technically, in dedals, but I'm with you, I'm for freedom
Guys who understand what is happening, I haven't written so much, I use a translator in Russia, Moscow
Привет чувак, я в шоке, ты очень крутой, захочешь пообщаться по русскому языку я к твоим услугам
Guys, support brotherly, first post. I promise to post only interesting news, all the best!
I assume that in the rashka it does not work.
Is it possible to delete the post? I won't find something)