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Do you think of any use case for Lightning Addresses or another abstraction layer that could be used in the protocol?

How do you see the scaling of podcasting2.0 as it relates to keysend pubkeys? Will all podcasters need to run their own node / get their own pubkeys in order to join the network? Do you think that's scalable long term?

This is a tough one. But probably Smash. Just imagine global esports tournaments where your health is based on sats you come in with. The more hits, the more sats you take from opponents - hunger games style. Pretty epic imo

ZBD Brawl is a Smash-like game that aims to present that scenario live in colors. We’re releasing it in the next few months, lookout for that!

Not sure I understand what you mean by 3rd apps to be honest. Is that 3rd party apps? Are you saying Wheel of Trivia has ads to get you to download other games?

If so this is a pretty standard practice for in-game ads to show App Store downloadable content.

Sorry, but maybe I’m not understanding the question. Where does TikTok come in?

Sci-fi, audiobooks, gym, internet things, building weird websites, food. But mostly I do Bitcoin/LN and ZBD stuff 20hrs out of every day.

It really depends on whether you’re using a 3rd party service provider or if you are running the Bitcoin infrastructure yourself. There are tools like BTCPayServer that make it possible for you to host a sophisticated Bitcoin/Lightning setup from home pretty easily. That being said Lightning nodes require active management, unlike Bitcoin Core nodes.

I’d say pick your flavor. Maybe test with a provider first and then spend time and resources moving it to your own infrastructure if it makes sense? It’s really dependent on your technical profile imo.

ZEBEDEE is a fintech infrastructure provider for the gaming industry, and we focus on providing Bitcoin-based solutions to partner game developers/game studios like Viker Games.

Not really a specific question, but more of a general take:

If we (Bitcoiners) want people to see Bitcoin as money, we need to think of providing the same, or better, money experience that common folk users have today. Different people value different things - sovereign hard money argument doesn’t sell to all types of people.

It’s okay to want different things out of Bitcoin.

Yeah a bit different offering than what ZBD is aiming for but still very cool. I mean hybrid more in the sense that users can hold keys but ZBD can act as the LSP for liquidity provision and etc.

Cool this is a bunch to go off of. Thanks for the details. I’ll share with my team

  1. Short answer - Yes. Long Answer - Yes, wanna do it with us?
  2. There have been discussions of payto:lightning@address.com for example. I think it's possible, but SMTP is an established protocol and I'm not into the weeds of what would take to introduce changes. To be honest it just depends on how big (and how quickly) Bitcoin/LN get online. If the demand is there, there will be those building the user experiences that end-users expect of modern systems and platforms. I think it's more likely that an email client will adopt LN Address sending/receiving on the side rather than on the SMTP protocol. But I'm not too into the weeds here like I said.
  3. That sounds super cool. We have thought of ways to use Lightning Address to do similar things like that inside our product suite as well. Stay tuned ;)
  4. Hybrid custodial approaches. LSPs. Hosted channels. Fiat-to-fiat-through-LN-Address. Stateless invoices. High availability for Lightning nodes.

Kudos to you too my friend! It's everyone who's building / supporting / backing the protocol that make it what it is.

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Yes, we've studied Minecraft in depth and as you described it is quite a bit bigger than other games. It's a game platform of sorts when it comes to users creating new experiences and worlds.

It is a vertical we'd love to explore and maybe it's something our R&D team can look more closely at in the near future. We'd need to work with a minecraft wizard to help us explore what is feasible/possible. Is that you?

ZBD is focused on providing the best developer experience for games developers to integrate Bitcoin into their games. As infrastructure and service provider, we're not focusing on adding ZBD service into games ourselves specifically.

We do have games we publish under the ZEBEDEE umbrella to showcase what is possible with our technology and to educate partner games developers on what possible user flows look like.

There may be some new upcoming developments on the ZBD Infuse front though! Stay tuned. Love AoE, would love to see a team infuse it with Bitcoin through ZEBEDEE!

The best products are products you'd want to use yourself. The ZBD platform is incredibly versatile, and coupled with Bitcoin's global nature, Lightning's instantaneity, and Lightning Address' experience, we can create some dope products.

ZBD Infuse for Counter Strike was born out of a prototype by Chris to infuse Bitcoin into Quake. ZBD Bots came out of a brainstorming with fiatjaf over Discord. etc

I no longer actively code for ZEBEDEE products. I do code for my own sanity, and for small projects, R&D at ZBD, prototypes and etc. We have expert engineers on deck writing cleaner and more performant code than I ever have.

Loads of meetings. Loads of emails. Loads of slides/diagrams. Loads of brainstorming sessions. Loads of gdocs and notion documents. I am focused now on high-level product and engineering strategy at the company, and working with my awesome team members to execute on these initiatives.

  1. Because it built on top of the LNURL Pay specification, there were 2 main concerns:

A - the URL path for .well-known/... B - Whether to remain true to the internet-identifier RFC and do username @ domain.com, or whether to change it to username $ domain.com (or some other identifier)

In the end the path chosen was the one that made sense at the time. Hindsight is 20 20 so there's always improvements that can be done, including the structure of the path. I do think it was the right choice to stick to the RFC of internet identifiers, though there are those that disagree as it generates confusion with email addresses. In my opinion, if we are to have a world where money is inherently part of the internet, they money will quickly become part of emails/chat protocols. And there's nothing stopping someone from having the same email address and lightning address, technically.

  1. I expect any Lightning-enabled platform to provide user's with Lightning Addresses since it's the most seamless interface for end-users. I expect more discussions about adding more payment methods under the same Lightning Address. This means a Lightning Address could be used to pay over Lightning through LNURL Pay, or onchain through a Bitcoin addr, or through Keysend given a pubkey, etc, etc. I also expect services that provide hybrid Lightning Address approaches to appear soon (basically they offer you a Lightning Address but they only hold your funds until you're back online, at which point they push the funds to you via keysend --> for example). Also fiat-fx-through-lightning-address is pretty cool.

It was in a chat with Anton from SBW and fiatjaf where we were discussing sending sats to an email-like interface. That conversation sort of died out, until fiatjaf and I on a random Friday decided to revive it and with the help of Hampus and Fitti (and many other folks whose names I don't remember atm) we arrived at the spec for LUD16: https://github.com/fiatjaf/lnurl-rfc/blob/luds/16.md.

That same weekend I built https://lightningaddress.com. The following Thursday I announced the protocol at BitDevs NYC.

At that point, we had ZBD, LNTXBot, SBW, and Blixt Wallet who said would implement support for this interface for sending sats, but only LNTXBot and ZBD could serve Lightning Addresses for their users (custodial servers).

Now everyone has support for sending and/or receiving LN Address payments, with lots of innovations on the way as well. Now my podcasting app can send and receive money to my bitcoin neobank provider. How cool are standards?