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Must be a hard line to try and walk, but I commend your efforts! Keep on keeping on Ben.
It fucking sucks.. Look, sorry to come across as an asshole. My language could have been a bit more considerate, I agree. Good luck getting back on your feet.
Konsensus Network is the publisher. I work with them on various projects at times and the folks involved are really friendly and just good peers all in all. I highly recommend them.
Of course, I may be biased, as I'm also one of the authors in the book 21 Futures! :D
Hard lesson to learn, but it was no one else's responsibility but your own. Try and get back on your feet. Stop pointing fingers. You alone are to blame. Sorry.
Pretty good tl;dr. However I don't think it beats the full piece, if I do say so myself ;)
Sure, there will come a next round someday, prob next year. Follow https://twitter.com/KonsensusN and https://twitter.com/OmniFinn if you want to stay in the loop.
Well, I only know my own story. But all of them should have bitcoin in there, somehow.
On the writing part, the 21 Futures pre-sale is now live! I'm pretty stoked I'm a small part of it.
Working on another writing too, nearly done, and hope to share that with you soonish too.
Writing Radio Jukebox Sesh Meshtadel
Sounds very reasonable and makes sense. :) Have fun and good luck.
I don't get it.
First you have to find a piece of music on youtube, than you have to paste the url into your jukebox. Its a bit cumbersome, no? Why not just search for the music and have it play'?
Don't get me wrong. Its good to see others working on bitcoin/music related stuff. I love that. Please do keep it up! But why not come and help us out with a project that is already working and being used by various groups/meetups/venues? You are welcome to join us. If you wanna play by your lonesome, that is ok too.. you do you.
Been busy on the layout to a bitoin focussed magazine. Also worked on a book cover. Did tons of writing. I'm beat. Gonna call it a day. GN frens.
Interesting. Nice to see others mess about with sats and music.
Doesn't seem to work though? It is not generating an invoioice nor loading the music?
Would be nice if you could take a look at how to integrate this into our current jukebox here: https://github.com/LightningJukeboxBot