351 sats \ 499 stacked

Do merchants want to run their own node locally?

Can you explain what this changes for the wider LN ecosystem for a smooth brain lizard like me?

Am I correct in thinking this is arguing for synthetic stablecoins?

Would Standard Sats be considered a separate stablecoin from say USDC or act as a framework for USDC to adopt?

Great stuff!

Good lad. They won't go hungry.

This is really interesting. I can see this being used by businesses that have tight margins or need to sell their BTC to USD to pay for staff, equipment etc.

I wish they had BTCGBP so I could hedge out my nodes hosting costs.

I've managed to recruit 6-7 old co-workers to Bitcoin just by feeding sheep or chickens over the internet.

Feeding the animals is the killer app.

Does this matter? There are many companies that are either lightning first or use the Lightning Network in some way with more Bitcoin on their books.

What would be more interesting to know:

  • Lqwd are raising money from the public. Are they using it just pay for PR and trips around the world? How much of their raised funds are currently locked up and USED in inbound Lightning channels that other companies have paid for?
  • How much do they charge? If I am running a service as a hobbyist, can I buy inbound liquidity from them?

You can try converting the rss feed to an email using https://blogtrottr.com/

Think this will get any traction with the EU?

The bearded bitcoin wizard, Jameson Lopp did a review of this: https://jlopp.github.io/metal-bitcoin-storage-reviews/reviews/safu-ninja/

Do your homework before you ape into any hardware seed storage https://jlopp.github.io/metal-bitcoin-storage-reviews/reviews

Good to see Liquid get its first customer after so long.





I'm amazed.

Just tried it to bet on https://fortune.lngames.net/ then using my winnings to short shitcoins on https://pro.kollider.xyz/ it was like using an ETH exchange with metamask, but superfast.

Nice one!

They're really good at taking some fiat out of public investors, converting it into Bitcoin, and then opening up Lightning channels for a fee.

Is this deck the one you're going to send prior to you jumping on a call and actually pitching? If not, you should create a shorter version that's less text heavy to use in calls.

I could care less about any of their products. Just give me Tether on Lightning.