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Yes! Let's gooooooooo!!! 🔥🔥🔥
You don't seem to get it. The goal for this is to decentralize the mining template specifically. Not to tell miners to mine less fees...
You can't be serious. Oh I just realized you must be a bot. Moving on..
This is such a wonderful explanation!! I love every word. I'm saving towards my goal!! 😇
This is awesome!! I'm so curious now...this is CLEARLY for the masses.
Oh I LOVED Inspector Columbo!!
He always threw a reference about his wife in almost every episode. He used to solve all kinds of crimes so elegantly! Just brillant. Oh and his voice...
You know what, I'll watch me some. Oh and I'll attend some meetups as a noob. I find this an amazing challenge for myself. 😌🫡
Dang that's so funny I was JUST talking about using LNDhub to OP family, with a friend of mine at a meetup last week or so!
I'm excited to test this scenario. I've tried it before using LNbits (and the LNDhub extension) but I ran into issues that day. IIRC after I scanned my QR code from the extension, Blue Wallet was frozen (I remember trying several times too).
I have more time now so I'll give it another shot.
Glad you've asked! 🏴‍☠️
First of all, don't be scared of 12 old dinosaurs who decided to rule the world. Be scared of the rest of us being retarded and comply out of fear. You have the hardest money ever invented, and you're thinking in $ terms.
Second of all, just buy KYC if you can. Every chance you get. It cost more but it pays off in the long run.
Third, if you're buying non-kyc, it's ok. We all are. Coinjoin those sats all fucking day. It takes time anyway. See, we got all the time in the world by our side. If you'd left that money in your bank, it probably would have been spent already anyway. This geriatric class can't even begin to understand what you know about Bitcoin, let alone Lightning. My friend, you are miles ahead of the people in power.
Fourth, use LN all day. I'd recommend following this method to manage your funds safely: https://darthcoin.substack.com/p/bitcoin-be-your-own-bank-think-like
Five and lastly, living on Bitcoin (or die trying) is the only way to feel completely secure, honestly. Otherwise you'll always end up wondering what your government will do next, and so on which is so unnecessary and tiresome.. 😌
What? Not at all! 😂 I wouldn't trust Wikipedia for a second...
https://github.com/Start9Labs/start-os (and it's now MIT open source licensed!)
https://start9.com/ (if you're interested in looking at their devices - I think they're currently sold out but you can get more info in their TG channel if you're curious)
A minority of node runners using self custody BTC/LN and the rest catch up on their own at their own pace. Define minority however you want but it's smaller than the laggards.
I have absolutely no clue what folks are doing nowadays. Went to see family (so boring cause all I want to do is talk about Bitcoin and show all the new things I've learned like yesterday..) ; honestly, all I'm ULTRA focused on is stacking these sats.
I'm super surprised on how people are still asleep and cling to these cultural shaman ceremonies every year. Next on the people's list is Christmas... 🥱 Not bullish enough. Couldn't be me.
I'm just a weird bitcoiner with extreme low time preference preaching for people to practice creating circular economies wherever they are. Looks like folks are easily discouraged and doing old things is more "fun". What about a Bitcoin Thanksgiving where people are super thankful for the sats they've accumulated, or the knowledge they gained about themselves, the changes made all year, the friends they've made at conferences or online, no. Too far fetched.
Let's have this conversation again in the future. Wake me up in 2027.
Or just use a StartOS node and let it be orchestrated nicely! 😁
But he's up in privacy though! Which is the very first step towards understanding Bitcoin!
This is the way. I keep hearing more and more people trying out and I freaking love it!
This is EXACTLY why I switched to Graphene OS last week. I couldn't take the gaslighting anymore. I'm so happy now being in control of my life. I have Zeus al ok mg with many other LN apps, and I'm happy.