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Honestly, since I want to use sats more frequently in my everyday life, I cannot shake off the feeling that I ought to stare at the charts so that I get the most bang for my buck whenever I swap fiat for BTC. Am I the only one feeling this way?
Lol. I would love to support the cause but I still lack about 10,000 sats before I can buy a $10 worth of supermarket voucher from Bitrefill. Right now, I have accumulated about 20k sats.
But I realise the thing is once you set a goal, you will intentionally or subconsciously move mountains to realise it. I find that the sats are accumulating faster than I expect, so I am gonna keep up the following:
  • finish a few lessons on Yzer and Simple Bitcoin
  • do a few reviews on BTC services on Heyapollo.com
  • read articles on the Bitcoin Magazine app
  • choose my preference on litstak.com
  • post and comment on Stacker News ofc
Hopefully I can report great news next week!
Fascinating question and I love the oxymoron (strong opinions, loosely held) at the end.
I think an instrumental part of me being open-minded is having a strong sense of self. In my society, most people prioritise career progression and wealth building over varied experiences. But I just feel that it’s such a pity if I only live one life. So I change jobs ever so often because I want to see the world out there. Each time I do so, I gain a sharper sense of my authentic self because the same values and principles will steer me towards navigating the differing circumstances. I don’t care what others think in regard to the things that I’m doing with my life! Appreciating the diversity of life and understanding my preferred way of being allow me to accept other people’s points of view pretty easily.
I mayn’t agree with your opinion, but I have no qualms about taking up alternative courses of action because I don’t attach myself emotionally to my opinions. I readily do what my boss expects me to do, although I may not be on the same page as her.
You are my “competitor” but I can’t help voting for you. Send my love to your princess. I’m a teacher irl n she did great!
Did you know that Italian farmers can use the wheels of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese as collateral when they borrow money from a bank called Credito Emiliano?
Did you meet this El Salvador on Stacker News?
Good luck!
Thanks mate. Learnt something new today
Could you explain what Replit is?
Started a 21-day challenge in which I aimed to learn something new about Bitcoin or interact with its ecosystem every day. I would also record my progress on Stacker News.
Day 6 - Did some reading up on how I could wean off my dependence on fiat and incorporate habits into my life to use Bitcoin more often. Compiled a list of merchants that accepted BTC payments and even methods on how I could give others sats so that they could experience the Lightning Network first-hand.
Interesting question!
If I were given one minute to present a live message to the entire world, this is what I would say: Money, Meaning and Legacy.
When you graduate from school and venture into the workforce, you will probably prioritise money during job-hunting. People say that experiences are more impactful than material possessions, but what they don’t say is that in order to acquire unique experiences in the first place, you need to have money. And given that costs of living are rising astronomically, you need money to pad your retirement fund.
Then you grow older and hopefully have some savings and investments to call your own. You realise that money doesn’t quite feel your soul as in your younger days. So you start to search for meaning in your life. The Japanese even has a term for it: ikigai. It means “life purpose”. You hope that with your limited time on earth, you will get to spend it on more fulfilling pursuits.
Subsequently, you may or may not battle with a mid-life crisis. You feel that it is no longer enough to have meaning. You want your existence on earth to count for something. Having accumulated knowledge, skills and experiences, you want to leverage them to create contributions that only you can make on the world. You are working to leave a legacy behind.
I thought it was really great how fast you posted your reflections so that what was originally your initiative could spread its wings n take off. Fast iterations are the key.
I will try to find time to participate in this!
I think I’m at the second phase haha
Is it easy to gain and use sats in El Salvador? I read that BTC adoption isn’t all that great there?
I love how you talk about soft money vs hard money. I do such mental accounting in my mind too but I wouldn’t have the language to put my ideas in such clear terms. Thanks, it helps provide greater clarity for me wrt money
It counts in my book as well. Except that I’m using Bitrefill.
I didn’t know the Bitcoin company has such tie-ups with Visa. I will look more into it. Thanks for the knowledge drop!
Thanks for linking all your guides. Will read them one by one and digest them
I work as a teacher for my government, so I doubt that the civil service will ever utilise bitwage.com but that was a great thing to know
I respect how you put in the time and energy to scaffold Samir through the process. You changed his n his family’s lives
Before reading your article, I made a decision to buy gift cards from Bitrefill for groceries n food takeaways (rather than send sats to Kraken). N I’m relieved that that’s considered a viable method in your eyes. Haha. Ofc I should start checking out the btcmap.org website.
Thanks for commenting - much food for thought
I feel the exact same way. Except that you are more succinct than me lol