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This right here is exactly the thing that social media could be but hasn't figured out how to be, at scale: finding connection, sharing stuff that matters, finding a tribe or founding a tribe, having encounters with people around the world that can mean something.
Hopefully you're proud of the role you're playing in building that. It's important.
Come for the intriguing and mysterious question. Stay for the Columbo knowledge drop.
However, the very fact that so many people feel so unfulfilled by life is evidence that some sort of enormous trade off has occurred and is being missed by our metrics. People are eating themselves sick and scrolling themselves stupid in seriously detrimental ways. The old sources of meaning (families and communities) have been eroded and replaced with nothing.
This is very wise. I don't know that there's an easy answer, but I think the quest to step back and ask: wtf is all this actually for is well worth doing. We talked about this in some sprawling comment thread, I think about externalities: the market works its magic for goods that can be priced appropriately in the market. For everything else, we have no reason to expect optimality, and indeed, we don't get it, for the reasons you say.
I think the "happiness economics" movement gets undeserved mockery for this reason. A developed nation filled with miserable fucks who become addicts at record rates, obese people who live longer, miserable lives full of self-loathing, and people living hollow lives FOMOing their friends on social media -- this is not an unadulterated success story. Previous generations would not have considered this state of affairs to be a triumph.
I don't care what GDP says. Figuring out how to talk about this in a sane way would be a Good Thing.
I'm glad that blog post meant something to you -- I found it really powerful, too.
And here we are, illustrating with our own interaction the very topic we're interacting about. So meta :)
This is the right attitude. It will sort itself out. A little disheartening to see so many tantrums about it. ~bitcoin is still there, just as before, for people who want only that.
It's always interesting to watch the latent forces in one community split it into several, like cellular mitosis. Get used to that, is my advice to the btc world.
I missed the original posting of this. How much do you increase per day?
Also: where does your mind go while you're doing it?
Right before the cowboy streak segment, that's what everyone tunes in for so that's advertising gold right there.
You haven't even seen the most eye-opening details about Luke's worldview.
Your node has no say about whether they're included in a block, unless you're mining.
And your node failing to relay is of nearly zero importance unless the other nodes come to the same decision in such overwhelming numbers that it amounts to a de-factor protocol fork.
What's being illustrated here is that even the term "bug" is a matter of sociological convention. Bug with respect to whose intentions? is the question.
From Luke's perspective, it's a bug. From other points of view, it isn't. From a legal point of view, In the USA, corporations have many of the same rights as people. Is that a bug? Depends on who you ask.
See reply above. Being a transient rando on the internet as ephemeral as a sprouted dandelion is good opsec, but an intolerable way to live for almost everyone.
Being known. Being able to grow relationships that depend, in part, on shared history, on people knowing what you're about. The stuff that civilization and our primate brains are built on.
Yeah, it's a mixed bag. There's something lost when you're known and part of something, but way more is gained. But you can ease into it, the internet is good that way.
It's basically another variant of the reputation conversation I was having with somebody on SN recently and cannot unearth now.
My informal testing (having detailed conversations about complex topics) reveals that it's still a bunch less good than both GPT-4 and also Claude. This is a particular use case, YMMV, but it's the one I care about.
(oof, did I already overshare?)
Haha, it's okay amigo, you're in a safe territory :)
If I ever feel confident enough to talk about myself publicly (without exposing too much PII?), I may make a blog post about my journey in life one day :)
Many of us will be excited when it arrives.
I could be like that "Are you rrrrrrready?" guy, except in reverse.
Side note: how much dough has that son of a bitch made by just being famous for saying that one dumb thing? Amazing. It's like Western Civilization distilled into a single example.
I'm tempted to make an are_you_rrrrrrready territory, but the joke isn't worth 100k sats.
If I were you, I would feel profoundly flattered that people a) noticed you were gone, and b) cared.
It was one of the handful of things that have happened recently that made me think: maybe this really is the sprout of a real community, and not just bunch of people blathering about bitcoin.
From a discussion the other day. I'm guessing, looking back, that this was during your blackout period :)
You can make a stronger statement. It's not that people fall short of the perfect standard of being unbiased because of some property of brains. It's that there is literally no unbiased perspective to be had in the world.
Everything, even the most fundamental and primitive sensory details of the world, are crucially dependent on individual perspective. They do not exist without it.
God damn it dude, you have made all the points that I came here to make.