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Yes everyone must stop funding terrorism
by you paying taxes you're funding the above - that is war.
War is often based on a false narrative and don't worry, both sides in all conflicts are all owned by the same people.
The only option is if everyone does not comply
War is created from the state. And taxation and inflation feeds that.
Wars and to an extent dangerous pandemics are just mass manipulation to bit two sides against each other for a false manufactured narrative.
We could do way better than that as a human race.
We love our governments dysfunctional or nonexistent
Putting society back on a gold standard or bitcoin standard
Beginners but they are also important for adoption.
That is beginners doing the following:
  • Trading in an effort to make more dollars.
  • Shitcoining and shitcoiners
The above is where people possibly would lose their money and get disenfranchised
Cryptocurrency is like drugs. You want to wash out all taint of previous dealings and you don't announce your stash or existence of it period, especially to the government (they are not your friends).
That's called spending less than you earn ;-)
Got excited until I read that they are still only accepting shitcoins AND they are using coinbase to process
exactly what I tell people.
But a lot of bitcoiners I've met are all fake fiat mindset bitcoiners (or shitcoiners) who are all about the manipulated fiat gains and don't see that this is a medium of exchange.
And generally that happens "for your own safety".
I like my governments highly incompetent or/and corrupt.
Yes and its also known as a leveraged long position
when 1 sat has the purchasing power of $1 and we will look back at all the money we threw away on tips on nostr / stackernews.
Just like looking back over the amount of bitcoins we spent on silk road to get high
Nice response.
Also we need to get rid of the WEF/ESG neo nazis who are an enemy against human progress as well.
Fire. Cannabis / Hemp. Printing Press. Paper money (before human greed messed that up) Electricity. Computers. The internet. Nostr.