1657 sats \ 217 stacked

I like the distinction of the groups.

I havent listened to the deep dive on Muun and how exactly it handles everything in the background, but it definetly seems to be in its own category. 'Hybrid" considering it also handles on chain txs

i as someone who loves the idea that is paynyms, i would like to hear it if you have time to type it out.

from a UX/UI perspective it is the best wallet for noobs, if you have sats on Muun you can pay pretty much any QR code [minus some LNAuth operations] that would appear in the bitcoin ecosystem.

very little friction to go from getting sats from a friend, to being able to pay an invoice or to a on chain address.

QR codes are still such an underused and underappreciated piece of tech, here in the west. I know a lot of the Asian countries use QR codes more frequently.

if by full lightning node wallets, you mean a wallet that is non-custodial, i recommend Zeus. iOS and Android apps available. Android app isnt on playstore need to download the apk from their GitHub

TOR built in, on chain balance coin control lots of other expected features of a lightning wallet

edit: realized after post this is not what you are referring too. still highly recommend zeus

i use phoenix and muun for any lightning custodial needs.

Fuck yeah!

Tell me how much you despise CSW

if you havent seen anything from the courtcase going on with CSW and Kleinman fractalencrypt on twitter has been tweeting some updates https://twitter.com/FractalEncrypt

Weatherman's a bad actor in the space. I'm a firm believer of that

Really liked this project they had a former Mozilla guy running their setup for DiDs he has recently left Microsoft to go do decentralized identity for square I believe

My eyes thank you @k00b

yeah, i should have said favorite instead of best. thanks for doing this again.

everyone is going technical, but i need to know.

best bitcoin meme?

Got my mother setup on Muun just for the convenience of it.

She just was tired of the shitty interest rate she was getting so she threw 500usd at me and I gave her 1M sats(mom conversion)

Anything is better than nothing, and of course as the amount of sats goes up. Different security models need to be available.

stupid as hell, 10% for investors and 10% of supply for the 'company' also they are just collecting everyone's biometric data, for what a shitcoin that they wont even let you sell when you give them your iris scan.

oh and if some people here didnt know, there was a worldcoin in 2013, we are at the point where we are recycling shitcoin names.

oh shit i didnt realize you could click on the price up top and it would switch to sats. i thought you had changed it @koob regardless

i was made for this!


you're* whoops

wonder if its just a jack, no offense jack im sure your great and all. or is it THE jack. i wonder.

i dont think we even need a symbol