402,747 sats stacked
stacking since: #241longest cowboy streak: 163
don't think anyone imagined the inflows would be this crazy...
that was a wild ride to 58.8 lol. must have been a lot of liquidations...
same... just tapped 64k... was hoping for a crash to buy more but i think we keep going
63k and climbing.... this is insane...
I can finally look my coworkers in the eye that I convinced to buy during ATHs in 2021 😂
wasn't loading for me for a while... did price action slow down the site? :P
You sound like an awesome grandson. I believe your grandparents would want you to explore more to find your own personal happiness.
Second the travel option, especially to developing countries... can provide some much needed perspective.
Silence here. Part of it might be I think a lot of us learned our lessons after orange-pilling people during ATHs in 2021... so we have not been hyping it up like we used to.
I have a few coworkers I convinced to buy in ~60k region 2021... I can finally look them in the eyes again LOL. Now I can say "hey did you HODL???"
61k 👀
Another day, another >1/2 Billion of net inflows into ETFs... I find these numbers fascinating to watch daily...
Does Wendys really get that busy though? In-N-Out of Chick-Fil-A I would understand surge pricing..
4 for $4 Wendy's meal deal (and costco hot dog) has been one of the few things that have been inflation proof since pre-pandemic.
When you need a ride there are few alternatives.
Food options aren't scarce unfortunately...
I treat a lot of these... seems stupid subjective but would move alcohol way down at least below amphetamines/meth/cocaine lol wtf. I see an order of magnitude more meth cardiomyopathy than alcoholic cardiomyopathy (you have to drink a TON to mess up your heart).
Meth will also fuck up yo skin and teef so if you want to go hard go classy with cocaine like the hollywood actors and models do.
Damn, just saw that the Macy's in SF Union Square is closing... the shit-holification of SF continues.
Used to be such a beautiful area to bring friends from out of town. Amazing how one of the greatest cities in the world was ruined so quickly despite having all of the resources at its disposal. Truly top tier incompetency at work...
520M net inflows into ETFs yesterday, I thought it would be more given the price action we saw... looks like we're marching to 58k today...
LOL nice have some sats
sure but you're still not going to be rich on 100k sats anytime soon lol
Apparently 1B in just Blackrock ETF volume today...