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Here's the very same NZ Central Banker, he actually says here "it's a great business to be in, Central Banking, you print money and people believe it". Followed by laughter in the room. No shit, watch the video for yourself: https://x.com/CoinsureNZ/status/1757287586144616585?s=20
Thank goodness, I was starting to worry. Now I know everything will be alright!
There are some good options for KYC free Bitcoin and they're not that hard. I wrote this article last year on this very subject: #219309 There are some new ones to add and it seems like Robosats is going through some changes with their coordinators which add to decentralization. A lot of Bitcoiners in my community moan when the banks stop them buying Bitcoin so I thought we all need to know how to buy KYC free and outside of the fiat rails. I've been KYC free for 1 year now, it's just a mindset and not that hard. Take a read and try one out, my favourite was Robosats, so quick and easy. Other option is getting to know someone who mines, that's cool too. Hope this helps.
My holiday project is to build a sovereign node stack from the ground up, doing it all myself and not using a prebuilt package like Umbrel or Raspiblitz. I am not an software engineer, the first time i ever used command line was on my first Bitcoin node. I've installed the server version of Ubuntu on a Del Optiplex, downloaded and verified Bitcoin Core and am now in the middle of IBD. I'm following @k3tan Ministry of Nodes Ubuntu video series guide. My goal is to learn some new skills, set up a Lightning node and learn first hand now all the core tools and applications of Bitcoin work. So far so good!
Not that wierd, but find BTC gear online and buy a bunch of it to take to meetups to sell for KYC free sats. Best if you can buy in fiat and sell into sats, but of course all the best BTC gear is for sale for sats only. Good if you live off the grid, like where we live @Tip Tried this with some caps at a meetup a while back and it was a great success.
I recently purchased one of these Nodeboxes from @k3tan and here's my experience.
  • Quick delivery (about 4 days including a weekend, from Aus to NZ)
  • Follow up email from Ketan to ask me how I was getting on
  • Super fast setup. Having experienced setting up a Raspiblitz before I was mentally preparing myself for days and days of setup, but this was all done and running in about 10 mins. Literally follow the video to the letter and it's working. -Blockchain required a sync, as it had been out of use for a while but this took under a day. -Connected Mempool.space and Sparrow wallet in minutes for each.
  • User interface is simple and clean, including a command line interface if you want to get down and dirty in Command Line.
  • I would recommend this as a first node for people, as long as you understand the tradeoffs of receiving a server with Bitcoin Core and other software pre-installed that you haven't verified for yourself. -It even passed the wife test. I set the Nodebox up next to our router in the kitchen and she didn't even notice, it's small and slim and can fit anywhere. Extra points there!
So if you're not running a node yourself yet and want to, I'd recommend one of these for sure.
That's all.
Thank you! Meeting Bitcoiners IRL is the best! Look forward to seeing everyone at Bitkiwi this Saturday.
I heard @nvk saying today on Bitcoin.review that New Zealand was always the place all the commie shit got tried first (in regard to the X charges and ID verification), so I wanted to reassure him that there is some resistance.
Thank you! It really feels like we're all part of a global movement doesn't it. Come visit this summer.
Thanks Tip! See you in AKL next weekend. :)
Hey Keyan
Big fan of Stacker.news and your work.
I have a question about how the top posts of the week work.
I wrote this post #219309 and it did pretty well in terms of sats earned, I was of course vainly watching it every day to see how it went and it hit 25K sats which made me very happy.
It seemed to rank on the top posts of the week, but didn't seem to appear on the weekly newsletter despite getting more sats than a few that did. I was greedily anticipating a few more sats if it got featured (don't blame me, perfect hard money will turn anyone into greedy content creators :))
Now I think what happened is I posted it right at the end of the previous week, and by the time it earned the Sats the week had past. Is that what happened?
Just keen to understand how the timing works and if that's why I missed out, very keen to write more posts and earn sats for them.
Thanks from New Zealand (which is on the other side of the dateline which makes is harder to work out your week start and end times.
Would love to come visit in Austin one day. heard some podcasts lately with a few of your shared space crew.
I double checked this in the Robosats Telegram, and Mr Reckless Satoshi himself replied that the seller has to lock the entire amount up in an invoice before they can respond to the buyer's message. So pretty solid.
Yes I've heard about Peach now too. Seems to be similar to HH, but app based. Another good option for Bitcoiners. I guess the walled garden of the app stores provides a potential point of failure.
Thank you. I really wanted to have some redundancy in my own BTC buying options, if the KYC exchanges go offline how can we get Bitcoin? So I decided to research the options for where I live (NZ) and thought others might be interested. Now I don't buy on exchanges anymore!
Thank you. I'm not in the US either, so don't have first hand experience but their website has no mention of the US at all. So maybe they don't operate there. You can transact with a vendor anywhere in the world if you do it online, but in person they have to be in the same location. Azte.co was my preferred KYC free option until I tried Robosats. Seriously, give it a go if you haven't.
Good question. I had exactly the same thoughts but we learnt that in Robosats the seller has to lock up the sats in the channel before they can claim the fiat. I would recommend keeping the amount limited to an amount you are prepared to lose while you're learning these system. Hope that helps and thanks for reading!