Inspired by this post - making a new thread as it doesn't really answer the question (being more about plebs & devs)
The #1 most useful thing that 100% of bitcoiners can do, starting immediately, is to ask every.single.merchant they come into contact with, on a daily basis, if they accept bitcoin. Be that coffee, in the supermarket, on the bus, heck - paying taxes, always ALWAYS ask - can I pay with Bitcoin ? If they don't accept bitcoin, ask - can I pay YOU with bitcoin, and you pay the bill? (offer them a bit extra in this case, of course). If you finally convince a merchant to accept bitcoin, be sure to visit them regularly, and spend your sats there.
The #2 thing you can do is to ONLY tip with bitcoin. Use lightsats, all they have to do is scan your QR Code, make a bunch of them and take screenshots. Offer these tips whenever you can. Don't ever tip with fiat government money.
The #3 thing you can do is to attend and support a local Bitcoin meetup. Use a fake name if you like, don't worry, everyone will 'get it'. If you don't have a local Bitcoin meetup, start one! Do this in a quiet cafe or restaurant, and be sure to tell the owner what you are doing. This is a great way to 'dial up the pressure' for Bitcoin acceptance at your favourite restaurant / bar / cafe. It's also a chance to share ideas and to help newcomers into the space without them getting rugged / hacked / disillusioned.
Circular bitcoin economy should be the singular focus of the majority of plebs.
Anyone else got any tips?
  1. - stream or boost Sats to your fav podcasts
  2. - donate to bitcoin projects
  3. Be patient with precoiners
  4. spend bitcoin and replace > HODL
I don't see exactly how lightsats works, looks like a cool project but not much info on how the tipper sends tips, receiver claims etc...
I'm one of the founders of Lightsats 😃
It's extremely easy and I would encourage you to test it out or if you'd like I can send you a link to a tip via Twitter or something to make sure only you can claim it.
You can authenticate via your Lightning Wallet (Breez, BlueWallet, Phoenix, Zeus, Blixt or Alby on a desktop) then you select the amount you want to tip/gift, fund the invoice and it will automatically generate a QR code the receiver can scan or you can copy and send the link via sms or post it anywhere just like the one below from @Jimbo.
For a brand new user they go through this onboarding, where we give them a brief introduction to what bitcoin is and a Lightning wallet recommendation page so they can download their first wallet and withdraw their sats to their custody.
If the user claims their sats but do not withdraw them before an expiry date you set the tip to then you can reclaim them back to your custody.
Also we are starting to add this bitcoin guide so users can start exploring
To add to #1, I personally had a mental blocker, because I didn't always have enough sats on me ready to go, to cover the full bill. Obviously, try to avoid this scenario, but if you do find yourself in this position, you can ask...
"Do you accept Bitcoin [for next time]?"
...while paying using traditional money. I find merchants less annoyed, if I ask this question, while paying via credit card. Because we're both standing there anyway waiting for the terminal to update records in the existing "system".
I read on SN about a user who created some Sats tipping cards which he gifts people and a link behind the card on how to get it. I like this initiative.
Great tips, #2 is what I'm adopting right away.
I'm also always asking for Bitcoin support when buying online from entrepreneur held stores, several of them have since added the option
Get Bitcoin into the schools.
When a generation or two grows up learning what Bitcoin is at a young age, adoption is assured.
Good luck getting bitcoin curriculum past all the Marxist teachers and professors.
This highlights yet another reason why developing countries who accept bitcoin are just going to sky rocket. Mi Primer Bitcoin in El Salvador is already pumping out tens of thousands of educated students of all ages month after month and they expect to grow exponentially.
Why is Marxism incompatible with bitcoinism?
Bitcoin is a way out of capitalism through low time preference.
Capitalism is high time preference.
Just came across this mention of Lightsats 😃 I'm one of the founders and want to thank you for suggesting users to use our website!
We hadn't deployed our Bitcoin Tip Cards when you wrote this post, so this could be a perfect moment to introduce them to you and everyone else on this thread. #123036
Some of our users requested this feature as they did not felt comfortable asking each time if the person you are paying would accept a tip in bitcoin, so they asked if we could also incorporate tip cards.
These are what they look like -
Cool thing is that you can create them in bulk print them out and keep them in your wallet and hand them out as you wish.
Now that users can print tip cards we're going to start working on a new user onboarding so the user does not have to authenticate either via email or phone number.
Would love to hear any feedback from you guys on how we can continue making the product better and thanks again for including us!
Why can't I get paid in bitcoin? Well, I can ... in a way -- where my direct deposited paycheck goes first through an intermediary (like BitWage, GetHedge, Deel, or even Cash App, and Strike), and from that I receive bitcoin. But I'm referring to direct payment in bitcoin from my employer. No intermediary.
One reason is because my employer would need to acquire the bitcoin (with a fee), and then to hold the bitcoin until payday (causing exposure to exchange rate risk). Another reason is because their payroll accounting system has no understanding of bitcoin.
If my employer were to earn in bitcoin (i.e., revenue from customers in bitcoin), then that first issue is lessened or eliminated. They would be obtaining bitcoin at market price (or better than spot price effectively, since presumably these payment would have otherwise incurred merchant payment processing fees when customers pay using credit or debit card).
As far as the exchange rate risk in holding bitcoin, there are many options available now. They might first swap their bitcoin revenues into a stablecoin, and then right before payroll occurs buy the required amount of bitcoin from that. Or they might hedge using Kollider, or LNMarkets even. There are many options today.
But the payroll accounting is not going to change anytime soon. Since the bitcoin paid out is simply the net pay (after deductions), the payroll accounting system might not really even need to know that the payment was made in bitcoin (other than maybe some reference number to correlate the payment in bitcoin to the accounting record for the payment amount in fiat). It's definitely a change to how payroll is handled though. And few employees would probably be willing to take 100% of their pay in bitcoin, so unless there is a way to accommodate a split (i.e., where x% of my net pay (or $N worth of net pay) goes to bitcoin and the balance goes to my bank as it does today) I can't see many others wishing to be paid in bitcoin (100% of their net).
But without them receiving revenue from customers in bitcoin in the first place, there's an even lesser chance they would even consider paying in bitcoin.
I like the first option more. I will suggest that educating people on how to setup their node should be one too.
tipping someone who's never had any experience with Bitcoin can be powerful. I tipped a host on vacation using lightsats, and I'll never know if it had any lasting impact, but I hope it did.
cool yes, I appreciate this extension of the conversation. since I move to Austin, I really see how doing these things has made such an impact here
shoutout to the meteor