You can now delete posts/comments at any point after they are created. This is a hard delete. When you delete something, the content is lost forever and replaced with 'deleted by author' title/text.

There's been some discussion around doing something with the tips, but we don't. I'd like to keep things irreversible. Maybe we'll eventually suggest donating the tips, but I don't want to force it.

If someone deletes a bunch of stuff you tipped and don't like it - don't send them tips in the future.

There's lots of small fixes to dupe detection. Thank you @cointastical for catching and cataloging many of these.

  • we now ignore case
  • we ignore sub domains (thanks to @ekzyis for work on this)
  • more youtube link variations recognized as dupes


  • we un-shorten links automatically
  • we remove twitter tracking from urls (thanks to @ekzyis for this too)
post duplicates

When you post a story that has a highly related title to something else that's been posted, you'll see a 'similar' section underneath your post.

This is a soft nudge to not repost a similar story. We might do harder nudges depending on how this goes.

unannounced stuff
  • We made some enhancements to lnurl-auth copy that should help stackers doing that for the first time.
  • We also created a separate 'sign up' page for stackers who were confused about logging into a service they hadn't first 'signed up' to.
what's next

I'm working on integration-y stuff which is very tbd (slashtags auth, breez auth - which might be close to impossible given our auth structure, and open timestamps).

After that, I think I'm going to work on making the daily discussion be more like chat - live updates, infinite forever scroll, etc. That's at least what it feels like I want to work on.

We also want to do a more thorough walkthrough for new stackers.



When editing, should the Delete button be on the left side and the Save button on the right side?

I've hit Delete accidentally a few times (fortunately, the "Are you sure?" has saved me).

As I compose this, the Reply is on the left, not on the right.

I would think the default action would go on the left, and the other option(s) to the right -- to be consistent, if nothing else.

I think traditionally the “yes” action is on the right and the “no” on the left. Maybe I should just move “yes” to always be on the right.

Best website ever.

It actually reads the users and implements what they need.

While we're here, it would be nice to post images as actual images when linked directly in a post.

Agreed. We for sure need better image stuff.

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Appreciate this new delete feature v much! Thanks @k00b

delete this post, bet you can't

deleted by author

It took so much work though.

deleted by author

deleted by author

wow bro, I didn't realize you cared so much about shitcoins

daaamn, don't doxx me now 😂😂😂😂

Going to have to change your name to shartcoin

deleted by author

deleted by author

deleted by author

deleted by author

LOL so I can fake a deleted message by writing in italic 😂😂😂

Yep, but I can still tip your fake deletes and you can't stop me.

Oh so you can tell the difference because you can still tip it whereas if it was really deleted you can't tip it.

We might do something more to indicate a real delete at some point ... but it seemed like everyone just wanted it to get done.

hahaha this is going to be fun

deleted by author

@k00b you're a machine! Huge update, congratulations 🎉🎉

Why not keep the content and just allow the author metadata to be removed?

The content is super valuable to the network still

I wish they wouldn't delete posts but the idea to do so is welcome and should hold some sort of penalty

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Wen bookmarks? 😎


deleted by author

deleted by author

deleted by author

You can now delete posts/comments at any point after they are created.

Is "at any point" really true? If I understand it right, you still need to be able to edit your comment for to be able to delete it.

If you hit the ... next to the time on your posts/comments you have the option to delete from there.

Sorry, should've explained. It's also available on edit though.

если возможно удалить то это становиться тихим. хотя дело каждого... значит люди не готовы понимать и знать что из блок чейна удалить не возможно... а если возможно то это только автор делает... а если будет что то а важное?