You can login with your Bitkit wallet now. I'm only about 3 months late delivering this.

I wrote a little bit about the experience yesterday:

Just finished up implementing slashtags auth. Overall pretty good experience. Took a solid day of work - most of which was spent trying to understand it and then situate it in my code. By comparison it took about a half day to do lnurl-auth.

When you're developing locally, the NAT holepunching is great. The documentation needs work but that's to be expected.

Going to review with fresh eyes tomorrow and deploy, then work on Open Timestamps.

That's it.

Going to try to get OpenTimestamps done today.

edit: I should note we don't support the magic link feature yet ... I will hack that in later. I don't have a generic login token system (current one is deeply baked into email login).


PSA - Bitkit is still in full beta!

Please be aware that this wallet app is still in very early phase! There are still many bugs and issues to be fixed. Like this important one - you cannot use it as fully functional app yet.

I am still waiting for dev team to fix that big bug (from november), to be able to have a full testing on it.

Had the same issue… try to open the app without being connected to the internet, save seed, uninstall, reinstall, restore seed, done ✅

You inspired me to give bitkit a whirl.

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It's pretty cool. Early, but cool.

When you login to SN with it, it creates a widget from SN's public 'profile' which is a file stored in a DHT.

I haven't really used it as a lightning/bitcoin wallet yet though.

Works great! Thanks for the hard work.

By "magic link" do you mean the ability to log in directly by clicking on the bitkit widget?

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I just listened to a podcast about bitkit and slastags on Fountain. SN implementation of it is great and shows growth here. I hope @k00b got a team he works with especially for the development part.

What are you doing with OpenTimestamps?

Timestamping posts/comments. Not super high impact or anything but Merkle trees are fun

Sweet. I love OTS

Great to see auth working!

We've not yet implemented auth in nostr

Did you learn anything that could help us sketch together a design?

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You need:

  1. a key (either a deterministically derived child, or just the master depending on the privacy required)
  2. a process for receiving something to sign from Service
  3. a process for transmitting the signature to Service

Seems like (2) and (3) should probably just use a relay that the Service suggests when giving you something to sign, perhaps reusing encrypted messaging/DMs.

awesome great work!

Wow amazing