Crypto winter spawned revolutionary passion for the pre-pandemic protocol NOSTR (Notes and Other Stuff Transmitted on Relays)—an open alternative to Twitter that has a chance of working”, according to its creator. NOSTR became evermore attractive after Elon Musk overtook Twitter, enticing crowds of curious developers to spring into action and experiment building apps and utilities for the protocol.
NOSTR’s design simplicity and elegance create undeniable momentum to potentiate industry-wide sea-change, ushering in an era of user-data sovereignty and value-for-value economies that enable even the poorest of humanity to earn and accrue real wealth for their oft-forgotten efforts, cultures and labor. The layer 2 Lightning network bridges Bitcoin and NOSTR to inform the most inspiring new ideas since the dApp boom, only this time rooted in sound money and top-notch security.
This “next big thing” deserves hype, because it complies with the laws of physics and corrects for stubborn aspects of human nature that have historically thwarted its most important values being made real.
While many were hibernating through the latest crypto winter, a sizable number were burning the candle at both ends, by building better. The Bitcoin-Lightning-NOSTR stack will ground the next boom cycle and provide support for the market’s next “bottom”, which could realistically land near the market’s 2021 peak.
NOSTR Ostrich88.9%
Blue Bird11.1%
Message in a Bottle0.0%
Pony Express0.0%
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