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Recommendations: store the issues in the git repo itself. New issues are “pull requests” to the main repo but ux should abstract that away … (Pull requests are really just metadata about a branch’s link to other branches.)

Use nostr for discovery, profiles, reputation, and other types of metadata.

I’d recommend not hosting files on nostr, but merely point to a git repo hosted at a public IP/domain or attempt some kind of NAT hole punching.

Haven't looked more into this, but there is project about doing bug / issue tracking in pure git itself - https://github.com/MichaelMure/git-bug.

Also, meta issue about decentralized / federated GitHub alternative - https://github.com/JoinMarket-Org/joinmarket-clientserver/issues/1302.

I remember coming across git-bug when I was building https://gitern.com ... It's how I was planning to do issues.

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I’d recommend not hosting files on nostr, but merely point to a git repo hosted at a public IP/domain

Why not though? A relay might advertise that it's willing to host git files.

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That's fair actually! I was mostly saying don't store git repos as nostr messages.

That's an interesting bounty because it challenges one of the weak points of Nostr, long-term storage & data availability. A git repo means nothing without 100% of the history present. So how do you incentivize relays to store all the commits? Let's see 👀!

Use this, but swap out the code to access Github with code to access Nostr relays. And replace the Bitcoin-related code with some sort of Nostr code.

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Holy moly. I'm jumping in that one!

I know right! Need to look up a quick tutorial now LOL

What programming language are you going to write it in?

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Dunno. Buy a lot of typescript for sure

what is snort?

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A nostr client

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O wait that website is nostr? I haven't had a chance to figure out what nostr is but I didn't think it would be so user-friendly. I guess it depends on the client host, also I sent 50 sats to jack for fun does that mean lightning is built into nostr or is that just something the client implemented?

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Either the client, or the user includes it in the profile bio.

Nostr is a decentralized protocol for social networks.

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but wow exploring Nostr now its pretty amazing. it makes you wonder why Elon would say lightning wouldn't work for twitter.

ps what do you prefer stacker or nostr?

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They are two very different animals. SN is not (yet?) decentralized and the its goal is not to be a twitter, and that's a good thing.

Fair point its more of a reddit I guess.