Hi Everyone!

I'm Knut Svanholm, author of several Bitcoin books, including "Bitcoin: Everything divided by 21 million" and "Bitcoin: Sovereignty through mathematics." I'm writing a book about praxeology and on the governance board for the FREE Madeira organization. Apart from this, I'm the host of the Freedom Footprint Show and an advisor for the Orange Pill App.

I will be answering questions about anything for the next hour!

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If everything is divided by 21 million, does that mean all non-bitcoin assets are worthless?

No. Value is subjective.

This notion needs a lot more attention than it gets. Many times I see conversations about wether this or that has value or how to determine real value, people keep saying the phrase 'intrinsic value' without realizing it doesn't actually make any sense.

I think the nature and dynamics of the concept of value needs more attention in our literature. I think it would help to elucidate many of the more confusing and ethereal concepts surrounding Bitcoin. A proper understanding of Value and how it works

I like to say that everything is only back by the utilities it presents to the human species. “Intrinsic value” is just a buzzword.

Like in the fable with the wolf, the goat and the cabbage, if you would have to "orange pill" 3 categories of people, how you would do it?

We have the following categories:

  • normal people, workers, regular education
  • merchants, small, medium regular shops and businesses (not big chains and corporation groups)
  • educators (professors in schools, universities), journalists, writers, bloggers, people that can educate others in general.
  • politicians, government apparatus

The questions is: How would you start, with which category first and how would be the process that in the end everybody is on the other side of the river, embracing Bitcoin?

I'd like to offer you an Asimov quote as the answer to this: “Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.”

well said, thank you.

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Madeira looks incredible.

Aside from being Bitcoin friendly, what is your pitch on why someone should move there?

Also, if you had to make a case for why someone shouldn’t move there what would you say?

You answered your own question - because it's beautiful! It's also a very high-quality-of-life place in general. Don't move there if you're scared of flying...

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Favorite author in bitcoin hands down keep doing it brother was a pleasure meeting you at Miami 22!

Hi nice to see you here in stacker. I just wanted to tell you that your books mean a lot to me. Thank you.

Are you on nostr yet?

Which other countries do you have your eye on as being freedom-focused in the coming 10 years?

Alright, thanx, everyone! Signing off now!

What's the most surprising thing you've learned writing books about bitcoin?

That I was an author!

Lol cheating but I'll accept it

What are your favorite non-bitcoin books?

1984, The Emperor's New Clothes, and Human Action

What problems are you most excited about Orange Pill App solving?

Getting bitcoiners out of their mom's basement and such

If you had to choose between not owning bitcoin or having to be landlocked forever, which would you choose?

What do you mean by "landlocked"?

Not being able to see/visit a coastline or be on a boat.

I would choose to be landlocked. I've seen enough water.