This moon credit card looks genius.

I personally live in a bigger apartment complex and we have packages to <generic first name, generic last name> under the stairs all the time. Pretty sure that's all devils lettuce or s*xtoys.

I would love to write into craigslist "I buy stuff from amazon for crypto for you" just to support hyperbitcoinization but people are going to assume it's a scam or that I'm laundering money.

Let me know if you figure out how to do this in other countries. I think it only works in US (I tried this).

Yep, this works. I used the same setup to order a George Orwell book:-)

But whatever Plausible (analytics platform) uses to process credit cards doesn’t take Moon (some error, likely thinks it’s a fraud).

I just got it working on Plausible as well! I think Moon accepts any "billing address", but the pay gate checks it against your IP or something, because it first rejected when I randomly picked an address but then I used zip code based on my VPN, and it worked.