Hey guys, I've just released the initial TestFlight for the new clightning iOS wallet I've been working on.

For anyone running a clightning node, this provides a simple and fast way to pay for things directly from your node without running Spark, VPN or Tor tunnels. It knows how to speak the lightning protocol, and connects directly to your lightning node over the lightning network port. It uses a plugin called commando for executing RPC calls to your node!

Benefits of this:

  • It's extremely fast/low latency unlike Tor hidden service tunnels. Lightning network has less round-trips than https/TLS which contributes to the speed as well.
  • It's very secure. The lightning network is already very secure, and the lnlink connection uses macaroon-like auth tokens that can be time restricted, restricted to specific calls, can be restricted to read-only, etc.
  • Don't need to run any VPN or Tor
  • Don't have to worry about UDP port blocking with Wireguard + Spark
  • Don't need to run additional sidecar software like Spark
  • You can set your lightning network port to 443 to make the lnlink connection effectively unblockable.

This is the very first alpha release, so it's a bit slim on the feature set.

Planned features:

  • bolt12 support (subscriptions and more!?)
  • lnurl
  • receiving sats
  • paying custom amounts
  • listing previous payments

Check it out:

Cool thanks for the tip, will give it a test run when we get a moment, in the meantime, we've added it to our list of ln wallets here - https://thebitcoinmanual.com/security/lightning-wallet/


Great to see more interfaces for C-Lightning! But why for the shity iOS?


Because it's the phone I use and I'm scratching my own itch. Would be happy to see someone build something similar for android. I have only been able work on this in my spare time in the last 4 or so weekends, I have no additional free time and won't get to an android version in the foreseeable future.

First step would be to get lnsocket working on android if anyone wants to work on that.