To the first post left a lot of comments - thank you for the warm welcome.
There were several of them, to which he gave detailed answers. I will present them here with additions.

From @k00b

"Welcome! Is there anything obvious we can do to make stacker news easier to use for people with limited sight?"
I was programming... There is not enough level 1 heading for articles on the page with the title (h1). There is not enough designation with h2 or h3 headers on the page of the post feeds. It's easier to navigate through them this way.
In addition, I would like to see the separation of comments and content. Maybe through the aside tag, maybe the h4 header...
In general, it is quite convenient. Thank you.
"I'm not always conscious of accessibility stuff when I'm programming - but I'd like to get better".
I'm glad of it.
"Kind of a tangent but one professor I had in college said the best programmer he knew was blind ... he guessed it was something about the increased cost of debugging leading to better code overall".
We read the code line by line, according to the words. Therefore, the quality is probably better, although I often encounter shortcomings in my own, and since it takes a long time to read a large code, I encounter them in the process of work. Sometimes it even gets in the way, as it is difficult to study a large amount of code.

From @ekzyis

"1. How do you program? Do you use text-to-speech for your code?"
Yes. I use the NVDA screen access program, which voices all my actions and events in the OS. Naturally, I also read and write code with its help.
"2. Can you imagine what "seeing" is like? Or is that like asking someone to imagine a color he has never seen before?"
I have very weak partial vision, so I see large objects, distinguish some colors. But I can't read the text on paper or monitor anymore, just as I don't understand the images on the monitor.
"3. Would you say your other senses are heightened compared to "seeing people"?
Yes. I noticed this.
"4. Do you still "see" something like blackness or how can I imagine how it is to be blind? I also guess there is a difference if you were blind from birth vs. becoming blind afterwards."
As I have already said, fortunately there is partial vision, but it is impossible to use it in technology, so I dream of restoration. I have poor eyesight since birth: the optic nerve is damaged.

From @nout

"Let the folks know if there are aspects of Bitcoin that are particularly not accessible."
It seems that core wallet wasn't particularly affordable, but I don't remember anymore, because now I use another one: Alby, as well as one with a lot of cryptocurrencies. Thank you for asking.

From From @criptopanas

"My comment is to focus on Bitcoin and forget about the shitcoins. A couple of years ago a dev was developing a Bitcoin Wallet for Blind people, I lost track of this project but maybe you are interested. Here is an article about it:"
I read it. It's a pity that the site is no longer available, but it would be interesting... hardware wallets are still a problem for blind people. I would be glad to see such a product or an improvement in the availability of popular ones, but unfortunately this is not the case...

That is all.

Thank you for your attention. I will be glad to have likes and comments. Write questions and I will answer.
Great, thank you for all the answers. I'm not sure I fully understood your answer about "core wallet wasn't particularly affordable". Did you mean it was not accessible? Or was it not affordable in a sense that you had to pay money for it?
In terms of the interface, of course. QT is generally poorly accessible to the blind.
Interesting! What's your preferred programming language? And, do people think your code looks visually different from what they normally see? I realize that I'm very aware of the whitespace & layout of my own code, why I wonder if this shows or is just a natural way of organizing code in any circumstance.
Human question; What music do you like?
"Interesting! What's your preferred programming language?"
Javascript (node.js).
"And, do people think your code looks visually different from what they normally see?"
Don't know. But I think, considering that I forget about indents at the beginning of lines, sometimes it's probably not very convenient to read such code...
"Human question; What music do you like?"
Lounge, but sometimes I like to listen to music with bass. I prefer either without words, or the one whose meaning I understand.
Thanks :)
Let me send you some sweet Swedish Jazz with great Bass, from the 70'ths :)
Thank you.
Did I read correctly that you use altcoins?
Do you just not know any Bitcoin basics? You seem new to crypto.
Please read this.
There is no second best.
It is imperative you use Bitcoin only.
No. I know what Bitcoin is and that it is important. And other projects are not competitors to him, especially considering LN and projects launched in this network. This is just a certain milestone in my development.