when a network tries to increase throughput or functionality at the base layer, decentralization is sacrificed in that it becomes more difficult over time to run a full node for that network.

I think you need to elaborate on this point. As-is, you just say it as if it’s fact and move on. What is the reason you believe this? Does the same issue with Ethereum apply to Monero?

Regarding scaling, Monero devs know that simply making bigger blocks doesn’t make it scale. The dynamic blocks is mainly for handling sudden ramp-ups and drop-offs, I think. I really recommend watching this video at 0:06:45 at least so you can hone your argument https://youtu.be/oolq-l1zKJA

Monero lacks the ability to scale in layers

This is not true (even though I’ve heard some misinformed monero maximalists say so). There is actually layer 2 research already complete and it is on the official roadmap to implement a layer 2.

That's an interesting video. I watched the section on scaling and didn't even think that fees would actually go to zero without some kind of miner intervention. What a fun and unique problem Monero has! ;)

That isn’t even correct. Where did you hear that?

Man critiques of monero have to get better…

I was hoping the wink would give it away: I'm joking.

It's a good video, thanks for sharing.