Hello everyone,
We founded starbackr in 2021 to empower the creator economy with the power of bitcoin lightning payments. We iterated on many features over the last year and moved toward value for value. Tipping was popular, with sats flowing from wallet to wallet based on good content. So, in November 2022, we removed the like button and replaced it with Zaps. To pay sats on posts, all you had to do was click one button. @Egge7 , my co-founder, wrote a blog post about it.
It was an instant success, and many people began using the zaps to tip posts with the best content. We began cross-posting on Nostr in December, and many posts received zaps from Nostr users. As a result, we decided to build our Native app using the Nostr protocol.
We spent the last few weeks developing the app for both iOS and Android, and we just received TestFlight approval from Apple and play store approval. We will begin rolling out to users in the coming days, and they will be able to use zap immediately by sending/receiving sats.
The app name “Current” is built on react native, and we open sourced it so that we can move forward quickly as a community. Here’s the project github link which details the features, our approach and roadmap.
Base mode features are currently built and available on the app.


Secure Key Management:

Current app utilizes Bitcoin’s BIP-39 seed words to create a human-readable backup for nostr keys. This helps users to store them securely on the device and easily backup on industry standard hardware wallets.

Lightning Wallet:

One of the best use cases we have seen of users using the Nostr client is to send and receive sats. However many users struggle with using separate lightning wallets to pay for invoices. So we built a lightning wallet inside the app with which users can send and receive sats with a click of a button.

Media storage management:

Over 80% of social media posts are with images and videos. Users will be able to upload images and later videos directly within the app and share their experiences with their community. Uploaded images are scanned for inappropriate content and rejected immediately.

Automated Relay management:

App automatically scans and connects to appropriate relays suited for users to send and receive posts. Users do not need to pay for relays or manually configure them.

One address for NIP-05 and Lightning:

To make it easier for users, we let them choose a single verified address to send and receive messages and send and receive sats. We also have choices on domain names such as current.tips, current.fyi

Import your Twitter follows:

To provide the best user experience, users will be able to port their twitter followers when they set up their profile and right away join the conversations by scrolling through the feeds on their home feed. Users will also be able to search by Nostr public key or NIP-05 address or twitter handle to find new users to follow.

No Global view:

Global feed is overwhelmed by in-appropriate messages and unrelated messages which will not serve any purpose for the users. Instead, users will be able to have active conversations within their follower network and expand the network by adding new and interesting people they want to interact with.

One click Zaps

Easily share sats by pressing the zap button. You can preset the amount of zaps to be sent each time you press the button. Or long press to set a custom amount. It is that easy.

Screen shot

Let me know if you are interested to test it out. I can share Testflight or google play store link. or signup for priority access by going to https://getcurrent.io
plan to release apk for us that dont run a play store?
Absolutely.. Will post it on the github page.
thanks will try out later.
Love to see the development of new clients coming to nostr. So bullish
Wow. Amazing!
I am planning to add nostr related DM feature into stacker.news app which I build with react native.
Just saw your codebase, we use same tech stack.. Will learn from it and hope I can contribute a little bit!
Thank you for sharing this!
absolutely.. all are welcome..!
here's my Nostr pubkey - starbuilder@current.fyi or npub1mz3vx0ew9le6n48l9f2e8u745k0fzel6thksv0gwfxy3wanprcxq79mymx
followed 🤙
DM'ed on nostr, would love to test the android version!
Very cool!
bullish on this one. great work!
Next build version is getting pushed to #Testflight.. Please reply to this to get invite.
It includes home screen 1 click actions for all new users who are yet to dip their toe on Nostr.. Going to be Epic...!
Amazing ! Already registered my Npub !!! 🫂🤙🏼
Hmm interesting
Exciting news!, can't wait to try it out once you add the apk at github...
About StarBackr:
It looks like that page needs some updating
You could enable global by reading only from paid relays, as most other clients are doing. Seems to solve the spam problem well so far
It would be amazing if you guys also publish the apk in the github releases.
I support the current thing!
thank you for your support..!
I'm on Starbackr and I would like the app store link to start the testflight
you will get it tomorrow. thanks for your response.
Please DM me for a testflight link. starbuilder@current.fyi on Nostr
I can't wait!
I think global feed should still be there, but not necessarily active by default.
I understand the concerns with spam but I would not remove it altogether.
right. we may add it later. But since we have twitter follow import and targeting more bitcoiners we disabled it. I actually stopped going to damus global view after seeing all Chinese spams.. so we don't want the same bad user experience.
We are targeting normie twitter users who wants to migrate something new..!
Yeah, you're right. I'm looking forward to the Android version!
Pretty cool! Good idea to directly integrate a lightning wallet. In damus it's a hurdle for new users that don't know anything about bitcoin to first download another app and link their LNURL to their profile.
exactly. we actually have current.ninja NIP05 domain.. you should get one...!
I already have my channel.ninja NIP05 ;)
A great innovation in the history of blockchain
All this vision sounds to good to be true. And it is.. until some serious refactoring of App.
eg on "registration" with your nsec the App is not following your LN Address (Set in NIPs?) but just offer some unknown @domains.dom for you to select your address. No way to change it later on either.
Also you have no view / ability to change your relays.
Looks to me - 3rd party funded venture, which joining members will pay.
Just keep Current boxed for now on (and save your Time) until more objective reviews are released.
TL;Dr - dont touch to Current