I'd like to work on this Bounty, but I don't want to do so if I'm duplicating someone else's work. How do I know if anyone has claimed this?
This is valid concern. Bounties might need to have an additional status to avoid multiple people working on the same bounty. Might suggest:
  • Open: active bounty waiting for a user to claim
  • Claimed: user informs @k00b that he will complete bounty in X days. If not completed in timeframe then status reverts back to Open.
  • Paid
I agree it's a problem, but that solution creates the problem giving anyone the right to prevent everyone else from working on a bounty without any cost to them or test of credibility.
A middle of the road approach might allow people to signal that they're working on a bounty in a special kind of comment and comment section, and anyone else who might work on the bounty can fully gauge the risk of also working on it.
I like the transparency of seeing who else might be working on a bounty.
Just brainstorming:
Maybe a user pledges Sats to Claim the right to work on bounty. Highest bidder is awarded the status of Claimed. Once completed they receive bounty plus sats pledged.
If they don’t complete the bounty they lose sats and Claim goes to second highest bid.
Users would bid high on bounties they are confident that match skills and can complete.
That probably ideal game theoretically. It's putting up a bond.
It does introduce new problems: complicated UX and makes having sats a prereq. I'm not sure SN's bounty economy is ready for that, but it's probably the terminal state of a healthy bounty economy.
"Pledging sats" would mean you would need to already have money in order to earn money... (And it is difficult to find work for Bitcoin recently.)
For what it's worth, if I see that someone else has started to work on the bounty, I cancel my attempt.
If someone else has implemented it and I've accepted it, this bounty on SN will show as paid.
If someone has implemented it, they'll likely have submitted a PR.
ok, well I'll give it a go and hope nobody else is hacking away at it, otherwise my time will be wasted. still, will be a good to learn a bit about the SN codebase
I didn't start working on this to give new contributors a chance :) (I have been contributing to the SN codebase for some time now and I also claimed the previous bounty.)
Looking at the comments and Github, I think no one else has picked this up so I think you have good chances to get the bounty.
I am also glad to see someone picking this up!
Created a new Github issue for collating any feedback: https://github.com/stackernews/stacker.news/issues/239
thanks for the comment, spent some time tidying up and ended up also implementing the async lookup for when regex won't work.
i'll do a write-up in the morning and share it to get some feedback. once I started digging into this feature I found lots of little edge cases and considered several ways of implementing it, so i'll be curious what you think of the code
There will be more bounties and if someone beats you to it yet your work is solid, I'll give you a partial bounty for the effort.
I've got the first slice of this feature coded up, just needs a bit of tidying.
I figured that it'd makes sense to break the work down into two parts:
  1. Done: synchronously regex check and format urls that have a recognisable image url format
  2. TBD: asynchronously check urls and format them as images if the mimetype returned is an image
i'll open up a pull request to get some initial feedback and if you'd prefer not to merge until both parts are completes, that's your prerogative