"The hodl narrative is about reconditioning yourself to value your bitcoin differently than you value dollars, and to detach from the dollar cost of bitcoin . The hodl narrative is for people who don’t yet understand what hard sound money Bitcoin is, and the hodl narrative is for people who understand that low prices mean faster and better adoption for those that need it most. The hodl narrative reminds us that there’s more at stake than “gains” here, and to act accordingly. It encourages you to participate in a bitcoin economy vs selling your bitcoin for dollars to participate in a fiat economy, because if you p2p send bitcoin from one person to another that can still be considered HODLING.

We hodl the network, we hodl the mission: we hodl the Bitcoin, we hodl the future.

HODL doesn’t mean never move your bitcoin: it means honey badger don’t give a fuck about NGU or NGD (number go up / number go down), from a “omg muh dollars!” perspective. HODL does mean that we're opting out of that nonsense and choosing to BUIDL an alternative non-fiat economy - and no, we're not giving up any time soon."

–– my response to the critique that the "hodl narrative" damages Bitcoin adoption, and much of what the "hold narrative" means to me 🧡

Originally a response on Telegram, also a post on Nostr: https://snort.social/e/note1add74trmm3434fckxa04ert8t7mprxdfwp3kf4cztcv0y77vv5vqrccvve

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No, no, no, hodl originated from price fluctuation only and refers to people who was broken by the crypto casino and then realized that hodl was the only way to get on the train at the right time

not wrong but you may have misread:

this is a response to the critique of the hodl narrative as it evolved more so than a reference to the typo of the OP story of being a bad trader

as bitcoin becomes a thriving economy, many point out that "buying and hodling" isn't helping that. I argue that so long as bitcoin is passing p2p between bitcoiners, and not being traded for fiat, it still counts as hodling.

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My response: Bitcoin is the best hoarding technology ever created. Don't like that? Too bad, because bitcoin is the best hoarding technology ever created.

"We hodl the future" cringe

it might sound dogmatic, but for the bitcoiners that came in via movements like occupy wall street and for those who have truly been able to opt out, that's how it does feel.

I think this interprets more into it than originally was intended.

Edit: Ok, it is a response to the "hodl narrative" and how it relates to using your sats to buy stuff. Fair point.

thanks for hearing it out

basically arguing that p2p between bitcoiners and never trading for fiat, could be considered acting in line with the hodl narrative - you can still move your bitcoin around and "hodl the network" or "hodl the value"

HODL until Bitcoin reprices everything to be denominated in sats at their utilitarian value.

I hodl the vast majority while i spend a good chunk of sats to buy goods and orange pill no-coiners .... from my experience the best 2 ways to introduce someone to Bitcoin is:

1- show them mempool.space and explain everything (nothin beats real-time visuals) 2- have them download a wallet and send LN payment (no need to explain LN but let them be surprised how easy and fast it is) ..... with time they realize that bit ($10) has appreciated ... then .... Bitcoin rabbit hole

продам новую технологию за биткоин... вот куда идем... тебе не остановить меня...