Hi Stakers, Today I have prepared a surprisingly well working system for you. Its creator named it ATM and this name is really apt because the winnings come almost constantly, so sometimes you may feel like you are withdrawing money from an ATM. But beware. Every ATM will run out of money at some point!


The procedure is very simple. You bet 3 chips on the low numbers and 2 chips on the 3rd dozen. (The bet can also be placed in mirror order - 3 chips on the high numbers and 2 chips on the 1st dozen.) This will give you very effective canvas coverage, as you have bet on 30 numbers out of 37. The wins come really often. If you lose, you increase your bets according to the following progression. (The bet placement is still the same at 3:2 on the high or low numbers and the remaining dozen, only the amount changes, so I'll refer to it as 3/2 hereafter.)
If you lose a 3/2 bet, you are -5 chips. The next bet will be 9/6 the win is now 3 chips, and you will need 2 wins to be 1 chip in the hole again to go back to the 3/2 base bet.
If you also lose the second bet 9/6, you are -20 chips The next bet will be 33/22 (winning 11 chips) and you will need 2 wins again, after which you will end up 2 chips in the hole and start again with a 3/2 bet.
If you were to lose 3 times in a row, you would be -75 chips. The next bet will then be 78/52 (winning 26 chips) and you need 3 wins, after which you will be 3 chips in the hole and continue with a 3/2 bet.
If you lose a fourth time, you will be -205 chips. If you bet 210/140 (win 70), after five wins you are again in the plus 5 chips, the series ends and you bet 3/2 again.
Of course you can easily calculate the progression further, but you shouldn't exceed your set limits. There is nothing worse than getting the feeling that you have to win now!
You will have noticed that the numbers on a roulette wheel tend to repeat themselves a lot. That's why I recommend mirroring the bet in the event of a loss. By doing this, you can reduce the chances that a number you didn't bet on will keep repeating.


In the event of a loss, there is a significant progression of bets, so you should not underestimate your capital and, as with any game, you should set your limits for both wins and losses and leave the game or switch to another system when you reach them. However, given how much of the screen you cover with your bets, some long bad streaks are really rare. Also, occasionally you'll have wins that don't come in a row, but you might have maybe 2 losses, 1 win and then a loss again. In that case, you can easily calculate how many chips you are currently in the negative and adjust your bets accordingly so you don't risk more than necessary. You just need to always maintain a 3:2 betting ratio. While this system is indeed very effective, keep in mind the words of Albert Einstein: "No one can possibly win at roulette unless he steals money from the table while the croupier isn´t looking" Roulette always punishes the greedy.
You can also try the system for free in lightening roulette at the link Play without any registration, but I recommend logging in via Twitter, otherwise you risk losing your deposit when the site closes.
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OMG you still shill for gambling and fooling people into this shit ?
You got something against gambling? I'm sure you know best what people should do with their money.
Gambling is based on GREED...
Gambling Is based on adrenaline.
I am totally fine. Gamble your sats... meanwhile I am just stacking. More sats for me and also my consciousness is clean.
Bitcoin, slowly will teach you all what really is MORALITY. Is just a matter of time.
So I don't know who's greedier. If it's the one who's having fun with the money or the one who's hoarding it. Please explain to me what's immoral about gambling with my money.
If you don't know what is moral or immoral, shows exactly the status of today's society. This is the fiat mentality that was pushed into your brain for decades, that you don't even could make the difference between what is good and bad for yourself and for your community.
You will remember my words.
Hazard is older than fiat. Telling people what is moral to spend money on is a socialist mentality.