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Just got back from satsx great energy coming out of Austin they did a great job!

Watching a Trader University video got me thinking about the Bitcoin-collateralized loans. You lend your BTC to a company and you get a percentage more BTC in return. That's a bond, a kind of security. Companies offering to give you a yield on your BTC are selling unregistered securities.

Now, I'm all for ignoring unjust laws when it's safe to do so, but the people who are offering yield on BTC are not appealling to higher moral principles. They are appealing to greed (cf. you could just stack sats instead) and naivete (cf. the bonds are inherently custodial).

But the bigger issue is that nation-states will eventually realize that these yield products are unregistered securities and start fining those companies into bankruptcy. When that starts happening, you won't get any of the BTC you lent to those companies. I've heard lots of claims about how 2-of-3 multi-sig secures your lent BTC, but none of those claims address what happens when two of those signers get thrown in jail for securities fraud and all their assets get liquidated by the State.

Ln node down since 12am god help me please

Hola!! Happy Friday everyone, the weekend is finally here and it's time to enjoy some downtime, things have been quite hectic in the market but it's still solid, BTC is holding rather good and feels like a boost is coming soon, but have no fret nor get impatient, it's all about patience, just keep doing your dca and forget about it, you're playing a long game, so just go out and enjoy the little things, a smile, a nice cold beer or coffee or a freshly made lemonade, a walk, a good jog, whatever you feel like doing, so be well my friend and remember that you're important and matter in the larger scheme of things. Stay frosty!!

its my birthday but still just a normal day grinding

Last day of vacation. Back to the grind. I guess it's good that I limited my access to news this week. I would have been obsessively following the collapse of the banking system instead of getting things done anyway.

Everyone else was watching. If you work while everyone else is distracted, you have the advantage ๐Ÿ‘

Plus, you would've found out one way or the other if something REALLY needed your attention.

Good morning! โšกโ˜•๐Ÿงก

Selling more shit for bit!

And working toward fiat conversion day!