I run a small to mid size lightning node, and I have noticed an extreme pick up in routing over the past two weeks. I know this is just anecdotal, but the activity is broadly spread around channels, the transaction sizes are smaller than in the past, and I wonder if this is a reliable sign that adoption is growing during the banking crisis.

Have other people experienced this?


Yes this behavior is normal. Could be for various reasons:

  • some of your peers (or peers of your peers) are connected to some users that start moving more sats around
  • some of peers of your peers are having some channels drained in specific directions and then your peers will not redirect the usual routing through those but to your node (next available in the path). So you practically got their usual traffic (as being a backup path).
  • you said that are not so big amounts. Then some mobile wallets were finding your node more often in their path, and the algorithm consider it a good path in that moment.

Is LN adoption growing? Definitely. Keep your LN node healthy, hybrid and provide good fees and channels. Then everybody will be happy.

How to do that? Read my specific guides:

On your recommendation I switched to hybrid and now run tailscale. I also switched to zero base fee about 3 months ago, and have fewer, larger channels. It made a big difference. I'm not focused on earning fees right now.

The kind of thing that we will look at in 10 years like we look at 10y old smartphones now 😇😇

I think this is confirmed by data. I can't recall the source rn, but I get a weekly email with numbers showing,

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I can see a shit ton of zaps moving around. Or that is my suspicion on why I suddenly move 300 forwards of 21 sats each.

We start somewhere and keep improving