Let's consider that NOSTR would NOT have ANY connection or option to use it with Bitcoin, sats, payments, tips, paywalls, trades etc, nothing related to digital money.

Would you still use it? Would be still relevant for you?

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I'm not a big social media guy, only reason I used twitter was to find bitcoiners

yes, but NOSTR is not a social media app... Many people still do not get that and think that is only a replacement of twitter. It is not. Is something more.

I'm glad to see someone else recognize this.

My current thought is that Nostr is sort of stuck in the 80s (cf. Usenet, the original social media). After the first HTML browsers were invented in the early 90s, the internet became usable for almost anything and Usenet faded into obscurity.

I'm not saying that Nostr needs a literal browser (though I suppose that might be enough), but social media is undoubtedly the worst use-case for Nostr.

Yeah, I would like to see a youtube and email replacement. Would love to see more games and marketplaces within feeds. Would be cool if tidal integrated nostr too. It seems as though "web3" or the "metaverse" is litterally bitcoin and nostr....

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If btc payment was unsupported, sure but if the bitcoin nostr community left, probably not. I just use it as a twitter replacement for bitcoin posts.

Absolutely. Nostr has substantial potential all on it's own. Though that potential could be squandered if people keep using it as little more than a Twitter clone.

So how would you use NOSTR without Bitcoin?

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So you would not see NOSTR being used without Bitcoin connections?

Sorry, I misunderstood your qeustion.

I think Nostr will be used for things similar to the current Internet. But, Nostr will enable a wide range of new things that cannot be done with the current internet. I cannot yet say what those new things will be, just as people in 1990 could not have imagined the things that web browsers would enable. I think it will take 5-10 years for all of that to come to fruition, in no small part because of the current focus on social media.

Yes, I agree that we are living things today that we can't imagine how will be in 50 years from now. Could you imagine the world in 50 years WITHOUT Bitcoin? Or what could be NOSTR without Bitcoin?

Could you imagine the world in 50 years WITHOUT Bitcoin?

If Bitcoin were to vanish right now, there would be no means for humanity to recover from the coming global depression. The size and wealth of the global population depends on the current degree of international division of labor. And the breakdown of the fiat system would make such a division of labor infeasible. I won't go so far as to say it would be a dark age, but the loss of wealth (and life!) would be very severe.

Or what could be NOSTR without Bitcoin?

Nostr without Bitcoin would be like the internet without e-commerce (e.g. what it was in the 1980s). If Bitcoin were to vanish, Nostr would fade into obscurity (unrelated to the global economic troubles), to be used by a few nerds for things that don't matter. The internet/Nostr without e-commerce is an internet/Nostr without a reason to thrive and grow.

I don’t use it now, so taking away BTC integration does nothing for me.