yes, but NOSTR is not a social media app... Many people still do not get that and think that is only a replacement of twitter. It is not. Is something more.

I'm glad to see someone else recognize this.

My current thought is that Nostr is sort of stuck in the 80s (cf. Usenet, the original social media). After the first HTML browsers were invented in the early 90s, the internet became usable for almost anything and Usenet faded into obscurity.

I'm not saying that Nostr needs a literal browser (though I suppose that might be enough), but social media is undoubtedly the worst use-case for Nostr.

Yeah, I would like to see a youtube and email replacement. Would love to see more games and marketplaces within feeds. Would be cool if tidal integrated nostr too. It seems as though "web3" or the "metaverse" is litterally bitcoin and nostr....