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Too afraid to but the fact that it's possible is amazing.

You can have a brain wallet but still have it written down somewhere ;)

Like a second copy, just in your brain.

That's how I do it

This is the way

"a brain wallet" does not equal a "wallet in your brain"

Yes, you are technically correct. What term do your prefer?

memorized seed

I have one but I have to be more consistent in exercising it so I don't forget it in the long run.

Feels really empowering to know your seed words by heart!

I use one seed exactly as a password. Using it almost every day it's easier to memorize it.

I was thinking about something similar: Use a password which reminds you of your seed phrase. Like use the initial letters of every word + add some random stuff.

This is smarter

Typing a seed phrase in an internet-connected device you mean?

paranoia much? What is wrong with that? If you know what are you doing and how you do it. Are you leaving your house? Be careful maybe a rock block will fall over you if you leave your house...

madlib a story using the words in order.

If I had one, I forgot it ;-)

Donation to everyone!

I would if I knew how to design a treasure map that only I could figure out, in the event of getting a concussion or amnesia from an actual boating accident.

No, but I have an ass pocket.

No but I have a prison wallet.

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maybe if I surgically implanted it but I would have to have millions of dollars to do that. No way i would trust myself to not just forget, forgot alot of codes for my locker in grade school.

Lol I can't even remember my bank pin nevermind a seed phrase :)

No but I have a passphrase for my trezor and it's almost like a brainwallet

Big brain wallet