I'm not great with midjourney, don't have time to learn, and don't currently have a subscription.
10,000 sats goes to the best "frost dragon".
While I typically picture something "photorealistic", flying, ice blue, and possibly breathing ice or blue fire, I've got no strong preferences though, I'm open to anything, so feel free to get as creative as you want.
10,000 sats paid
frostdragon's bounties
10.1k sats \ 1 reply \ @mewtwo 11 Apr
Hey, finally a good excuse to play around with midjourney! It's not great with wings, legs, claws, and tails, but these turned out ok. I have more I can DM you on nostr, just lmk
Heck yeah, these look sick. Especially love the logo. Gonna give it a few days, but you're in first place at the moment.