The video mentions using Nostr keys that are created when you load the page - is it possible to backup these keys ?

Alternatively, do you imagine being able to use a Nostr signing device, like the one sold by the LN Bits guys, to use with this ?

is it possible to backup these keys ?

Yes, the private key is included as a url parameter in the management link, so if you back that up you're also backing up your keys

do you imagine being able to use a Nostr signing device

Yes, this service would be a good one to use with a nostr signing device because the merchant only has to sign events when creating or updating their store

Awesome! If I need swim gear I'll know where to go!

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I did run into a one issue. I setup 2 products, but then in the management area I only see one to edit.

Thanks for the bug report! I was able to duplicate the issue and I just pushed a bugfix. Please let me know if it works as expected now.

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Wow, thanks for the quick fix. I can now see both products, so looks like it works.

I added a third one and hit Submit. It is visible in the store, but disappeared from the admin area and instead I have a third empty product. Perhaps a related bug.

One thing though that is missing from most of the new marketplaces that have sprung up is notification of a sale. It is easy to setup a product, but than checking daily if there was some activity is another story :).

Fixed that bug

I'm not sure how to do notification of sale. That sounds like a background service or some sort of always-on listener that can react to events, and I don't know how to make that without setting up a server and constantly running some software...which I don't want to do because when I inevitably stop doing it, notifications will stop working

ooh, I love swimming.

This is a great demonstration of the power of client side code, well done combining all of those privacy enhancing things you've done over the past year.

Thank you, Tony! Coming from you that means a lot

@janetyellen even complimented it and said stuff like this is a good use case for nostr ๐Ÿ˜ฎ (he just thinks nostr not a good candidate for global social media)

Is it open source by any chance? Although I am more interested in the relay/backend side of Nostr for now, what you built is amazing. Also, Do you have any link on how the stealth address generation work?

Is it open source by any chance?


what you built is amazing


Do you have any link on how the stealth address generation work?

It's a little different from stealth addresses, it's called whisper addresses:

itโ€™s all in one big html file. you mad lad! love to see it!

I love single page applications

Also, there are fewer than 1k lines of javascript in that html file

I think that's neat

Isn't the first sentence a bit discouraging? "A BIP47 ripoff that is poorly thought out and prone to loss of funds"

Lol yeah that description came from a Samourai wallet fan who didn't like whisper addresses when they came out, but I embraced his criticism because it's true

They are a bip47 ripoff because I wanted a variant of bip47 that was compatible with regular bitcoin wallets, and whisper addresses are what I came up with

They were pretty poorly thought out at the time because I made them during a weekend hackathon so their feature set was extremely limited at launch. But nostr fixed some of their initial problems so they've improved since then

And in comparison with bip47, it's true that whisper addresses carry a higher risk of fund loss, because the data you need in order to recover money from them is not on the blockchain, it's only held by the buyer and -- in the case of this app -- also on one or more nostr relays in an encrypted direct message. You can lose your funds if all copies of the whisper key are lost, which is much less likely with bip47 because everything it uses gets stored on the blockchain

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Somebody just needs to make an S3-backed Nostr Relay, and we've got serverless and headless ecom all in one thanks to Super! BOOM!

Lookout shopify, here we come!

I hope they do! I think mutiny's Blastr is based on S3...but it doesn't store events so it's not a full relay...still have work to do!

Sold. I'll have me all the ducks you're selling

I can't believe how rare these digital ducks are...

Ordering 21 million ducks

Yeah I didn't implement an inventory management tool

I recommend removing products when your inventory runs low

And if someone manages to order more than you have, offer them a refund

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This is very interesting. It looks like magic ๐Ÿ˜ I need to investigate it. Thank you.

๐Ÿช„ Bippity boppity bitcoin ๐Ÿช„

Have fun investigating!

This looks phenomenal and oh so simple. Congratulations and thank you.

Thank you! Simplicity was definitely one of my design goals. Phenomenalism wasn't a goal but I'm glad you think it qualifies!

It definitely qualifies. I hear Janet Yellen likes it. The word is spreading around fast.

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I'm in awe. Hopefully this will be the killer application that Bitcoin so badly needs. Bitcoin going from being a speculative asset to actually solving a problem for the man in the street will be transformative, also for the price.

I'm in awe

๐Ÿ˜ฎ Thank you!

Hopefully this will be the killer application that Bitcoin so badly needs.

Yes I always thought bitcoin would be best used for payments. Its low barrier to entry is an excellent feature!

For some reason, it still shows me "canned ham" even when I click on "view product" for "tropical peanuts"

K00b identified that bug for me and I fixed it a few minutes ago. Thanks for reporting it too!

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I just realized a weakness of this architecture.

Affinity scam risk.

Imagine a user who purchased something from; a buyer might think they are buying from super_testnet.

Good point, maybe I'll name it something else

Thankfully it's just an html file so you can host it on any domain and easily modify the line that calls it superstore

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Great stuff... but @super_testnet why onchain when you have the power of zaps just there on nostr?

I want to add lightning support but the zap spec is very hard to implement

I'd rather ask the merchant for a lightning address and then pull regular lightning invoices out of it when it's time to pay

Great job!!

brill iant

This is great! Just tested out and created a store in less the 5min

Thank you @super_testnet ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿค™PV