So we have subs now. Until ~nostr most of the posts stackers zapped were ~bitcoin related. ~nostr was the first adjacent topic that had stories get zapped into the front page with regularity. It's also relatively polarizing when compared to stories on privacy, the economy, or programming.

This is just an MVP of subs. You can't even subscribe and unsubscribe to them yet, but we'll get there. You can however browse each sub independently. As usual if you have thoughtful feedback, share it. I tend to spend the majority of my energy imagining what you want and falling back to what I want (which can be a poor proxy for you).

I suspect we'll want more subs soon. Even as I'm writing this, I'm realizing it might make sense to have a meta sub. We now have some of the primitives at least.



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I suggest separate RSS feeds for each as well (and RSS feed by newest topics). Thanks for the feature!

10 sats \ 6 replies \ @ekzyis 2 May

Very good idea. I wanted to update the RSS feeds anyway (include sats and comment count) so I can take a look at this while I am at it, too

Awesome, just got more into setting up and using RSS feeds recently so that's why it came to mind, hopefully others also find it useful

If one uses the rss feed, how can sats be sent to the author?

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That's a great question - does the RSS feed include v4v like lightning addresses?

10 sats \ 0 replies \ @ekzyis 6 May

Not yet but also good idea

Are you using tiny tiny rss?

Feeder on Android

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Done. Clicking on rss in the footer will now open a popover

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Copied from TG:

already noticed something: in dark mode, the dropdown uses white text so it's not visible unless hovering over the items

meta sub

What is a meta sub about? A meme sub would also be nice haha Also see

I tend to spend the majority of my energy imagining what you want and falling back to what I want (which can be a poor proxy for you).

Maybe we need a better process for community feedback? Like voting on features using sats? I think even the people who are devs, only a small percentage actually looks into Github and discusses features there.

A "beta" version of SN would also be useful, I think. So you can get feedback on features before releasing them.

Which browser has the issue with white text? Works for me in brave and iOS


edit: Just tested Firefox. Works there, too

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Chrome on mobile or another OS? Chrome on Mac works

10 sats \ 8 replies \ @ekzyis 2 May

Oh, sorry for not providing enough information haha

I downloaded Chrome from the AUR. I am using Manjaro Linux:

1aur/google-chrome 112.0.5615.165-1 (+2204 16.47) (Installed) 2 The popular and trusted web browser by Google (Stable Channel)

Chrome looks good on mobile. It shows up as a popover:


On my linux machine however:


I wish my colleagues at work would make bug reports this detailed haha

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lmao haha. Yeah, reading some bug reports hurts inside sometimes.

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Would you be able to inspect it and see what needs to change? I don't have a linux env readily available to test in.

I have the same issue with Chrome under Linux.

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Should be fixed now. Can you confirm?

Yes, it's fixed now!

Brave on Ubuntu has the issue

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Thanks, just tested, too. Same issue for me on Brave. Probably a linux thing then.

Will make sure it works on Chrome and Brave!

Should be fixed now. Can you confirm?

Yes it is

Mullvad has that issue, too.

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Should be fixed now. Can you confirm?

Yes, although the menu is black text on white even in dark mode.

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It is good to be able to enjoy the improvements and refinements that are being implemented. That means growth👍

awesome! ⚡️

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one nitpick, do we need to have the "nostr" or "bitcoin" tag displayed on each post on the "nostr" or "bitcoin" subs?

i see the value in having those tags on the homepage, but it feels like the tags add unnecessary clutter on specific subs

Subs is great. I wish to be king of stacker sports once the sub is launched. Follow me for amazing uneducated takes on the wild and wacky world of sportsball.

You'll have to fight me for that title.

As it should be.

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one more thought… should dupes automatically be counted as dupes if they are posted to different subs?

205 sats \ 1 replies \ @k00bOP 2 May

Crossposting is not something I have clear thoughts on yet.

what bout the moderatooooors.?

Yes, for sure

The header is misaligned now. Everything shows up on the left. (Edit, it's actually worse than that. If I click recent then its like 2 inches of irrelevant spacing, so ugly looking)

My first thoughts, I probably won't use it, because I care about both topics and really just the top news, but it's probably useful for nostr haters to be able to ignore.

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The alignment thing was a bug that only occurs with longer user names. It should be fixed now. Unsure about the irrelevant spacing though.

Much better.

There's a drop down for Posts that has it's own dedicated row. Seems unnecessary.

And some general feedback, might have to carefully consider real estate on the main pages. Starts to get unappealing to the eyes by adding bitcoin/nostr tags on every post. Not sure how many of your users come in through mobile but it's pretty packed for a mobile experience.

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Big improvement. Can’t wait for more 🫶

Man, that helps a lot. Thanks.

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Cool! Right now, isn't it removing a bit of visibility to the jobs button and jobs dot notification?

New ~jobs will now appear in 'recent' when you're on home ... so probably lateral visibility for new jobs at least. We might also eventually allow them to be placed in 'hot' too but tbd generally.

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Is there a way to get the latest app version number?

Not easily. I currently grab the build id using some AWS magic. Does your bot require access to our build source?

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It uses this endpoint to grab notification data.

10 sats \ 1 replies \ @k00bOP 2 May

You can't query the graphql api directly?

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That works.

I will implement grabbing notifications using the GraphQL API for @hn soon. I can show you the code then (it's written in golang) if you want.

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I appreciate the offer. @k00bs suggestion worked for now

this is awesome finally. Can we have a woodworking sub?

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For more specific subs, we'll want stackers to create and run those. We're headed there. I can reach out when we're close and get your thoughts on it?

hell yeah! I love woodworking, how do you feel about reddit posts being "cited" on subs here?

Seems fine idk.

@koob can we have a SN sub for issues and features discussion? And thank you!

Tagged the off brand k00b lol @k00b

Now I know what is the next Reddit. Thanks!

Let's go!!!

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We'll soon need an ~ai sub too

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Suggestion: during post creation when the title or URL includes the word "nostr", it would be cool to more proactively suggest selecting the ~nostr sub. There are couple nostr posts in ~bitcoin sub...


Thank you!

And Stacker News continues to impress,

Well done