I haven't been on SN that long, but I really like it here. I often get a lot of useful information, but I'm sure quite a bit gets lost in the background of useless links or posts that are written just for the sake of sats.

Write your top authors who regularly post useful information and articles on SN that I can read and get really quality content.


I know there are many good authors here, but are not so active. I would like to see more writing from them.

I always like to read here from: @TonyGiorgio , @CarlBMenger, @fanis, @petertodd, @theindranetworkprotocol and some others. They bring very interesting material to Bitcoin world and worth paying attention to what they say.

Appreciate that @DarthCoin. I know we don't always agree but ride or die SN authors like yourself and the ones you linked make this platform enjoyable.

Not much of an author but I also really enjoy how @Rsync25 is able to find all the highly technical resources as they drop and link them here. I dont know how else I would have survived technically without twitter (or nostr for how long I was avoiding it).

I always read twice your comments here, on any subject, but mostly about LN. Your knowledge is very much appreciated. You should post more stuff on SN.

Thank you so much for mention @TonyGiorgio :)

I will add also @TheBTCManual he's posting very good articles

I second this choice. Great content.

Truly appreciate it Mate 🧡

Thanks for the mention @DarthCoin, really appreciate! 🧡

Great! Thanks

Yes, is a very interesting series.

Wow, humbled guys. To me, it's just a small man's financial diary.

I'm super glad you like reading it.

Not just reading, but also recommending to others (out of SN) interested into that stuff, to read it.

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I like reading posts from @hynek

oh.. thank you 🙂

@CarlBMenger has some great posts that are informative and well written.

@DarthCoin has lots of good content, but don't talk to him about it because his ego is big enough

I am honoured. Thx Mate. Glad that my content is valuable for you 🧡

I agree. Your articles are great.

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Bitcoin helps us learn to be more active, productive, and energetic, creating value through work. This is the one where you do more writing.

Society teaches us to be lazy fiat slobs who just consume whatever intellectual slop we stumble upon. This is the one where you do no writing.

Some days it's a battle between the two, like good angel versus bad angel.

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it’s not a perfect measure, but you can find most of this year’s top earners on Stacker News here: https://stacker.news/top/users/year

in general, this leaderboard should correspond to the value that users are bringing to the platform in the form of quality content.

Oh, I didn't know about that. Thanks

@DarthCoin https://darthcoin.substack.com/

Lord Coin shows all maxis the way to the true power of toxicity 🧡

Yes, everyone knows him here, I think) I would like to see other useful accounts

@k00b of course

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Who was the guy who used to write poems all the time?

The top 5 notes 🤙

Still pretty new here and enjoying this thread. Do you guys follow people here or try to tap over to somewhere else?