The v4v movement is becoming popular, but still many people using free and open source applications don't support the authors, they just consume what they produce.

If we want to distance ourselves from the big commercial IT corporations, we need to support free software developers. Do you donate to those whose applications you use?

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If the dev or team has some easy lightning gateway set up, I'm always happy to drop a few sats.

The moment it's a hassle or it's not going straight there without middlemen, I don't.

And kyc, if it's required to identify myself (via fiat payments) I don't

Use TheBitcoinCompany app send a percentage of your rewards to support open source development. Can also have the rest of your rewards instantly sent to your stacker news address.

In my country I cannot use this company, unfortunately


This has nothing to do with VPN. The point is that for my country is simply not relevant those services, for which you can get rewards and there is no way to get a card.

They have an international prepaid Visa card you can refill with LN and get rewards. Unless you live in a sanctioned country

It is in the country under sanctions that I live)

I like the idea of V4V but it stands in stark contrast to greed, which is something that is much more reliable as a motivation.

The best models I've seen for FOSS funding have been services models. When software has utility, as so much FOSS does, it will make sense to get help putting that value to work, improving it, and keeping it updated with its dependencies.

This is the kind of thing we are doing with Indra... We have the idea we run a bunch of gateways between LN and the indra network and our funding comes from that. Once it becomes successful and heavily used we will offer people to take the seed spots for a flat fee and do like Indra will allow - disappearance.

My last donations went to a lawyer fighting against the covid cult, to Infowars, Canadian truckers, etc. Nothing for open source projects. Thank you for this reminder. In retrospect, my donations are based on emotions, not rationality, I have to change that.

It's never too late to make the right choice. The main thing is that you understand that and try to do better.

As a side note remember that you can also spend some of your time in helping those projects, not just sats.

I would love to be involved in the development of any projects as support, honestly. I'm just not a developer and I have a hard time with these skills, so I chose financial support.

I wish I could find someone else to help with Indra, I'm still mostly working solo on it. But I'm not that expensive, I don't have history or successes behind me yet, and I'm a bit of a hot mess. Haha just succeeded in wiping out every copy I had of a collection of documents in the last few days bashing my head against filesystem and OS limitations.

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I've noticed a trend that a lot of FOSS developers seem to be against Bitcoin (usually due to its enviromental "impact"), and so they don't accept donations in BTC. Liberapay also doesn't seem to have any option for BTC donations.

A few years ago KDE received a large donation from the pineapple fund (for a few Bitcoin). Well a few years later when I had some spare coin I decided I would chip in too for one of my favorite projects.

Turns out KDE is no longer allowed to accept Bitcoin (or any other crypto for that matter). As a non-profit incorporated in Germany they're apparently not allowed to accept "speculative" assets. Such a shame

Interesting point. I myself rarely come across any FOSS developers not accepting Bitcoin. On the other hand, if it's a FOSS developer, that doesn't mean they understand even the basics of bitcoin) So I don't think some refuse to accept it as payment.

Yes, I often support the creators of software I use the most (if they accept Bitcoin donations).

It is a shame that most of them don't offer this option yet.

Free is more than just $0, it's about freedom.

Free software allows you to adapt it to your needs, be scrutinized by the world as it's transparent, and offers no barriers of entry other than technical.

If they ask for money I usually give it to them, but it's usually not the main motivation to create the free software in the first place.

In some cases they need some kind of business model to continue, like GrapheneOS, and that's usually covered by things like patreon, etc.

Yes, mostly on geyser or directly to developers

Man, thanks for the geyser. Tried to remember the name, slipped my mind.

Check the record I’m on the Zeus god’s page.

I wish I can give more than I do. Some day I will but I try to donate and send sats whenever I can

Yes. Any projects I use that take Bitcoin, I send several thousand sats to every so often.

On occasions

I should really be doing more though.