32 sats \ 146 boost \ 311 tipped \ 28 comments \ @k00b 10 Sep
Tipping is live!

It's pretty straightforward I hope. Like you would boost posts before, on your second upvote click you get a dialog to either boost or tip a post/comment. Tips go directly to the poster/commenter. Boost, as before, goes to the site and just boosts the rank of the content. This should allow for more interesting incentives for participation until I implement more levers to pull on post economics.

The UI/UX is far from ideal I think - we'll iterate from here as with all else. Please if you have even a hint of confusion or dislike or like, say something and I'll try to figure out how to integrate your advice.

Tentative roadmap from here (advice as always is welcome):
  1. user profiles
    • profile images
    • "send me money" invoices and lightning addresses
    • bios (I have a cool hack/idea that'll allow for cool code reuse - tip for anyone who can guess what it is)
    • sat activity: see how you're making and spending money
  2. refinement
  3. make contributing to SN easier
    • docker image
    • document api
  4. refinement
  5. growth hacks
    • make SN invite only?
    • faucets?
    • host archive of bitcoin-dev and lightning-dev?
  6. refinement
  7. sovereignty
    • onion address (should probably start generating a vanity address now)
    • non-custodial wallet (some way, some how)
  8. moooooon