I don’t get it. Anyone feel like they can explain it? Sats for the best answer

It appears to me that you could integrate it into your application to automatically distribute sats rewards to users. A good example might be a game that rewards players in sats, rather than the players having to go into the app then manually 'claim' the rewards, the app will simply send any sats winnings to the players automatically. I suppose another potential use case could be the sats rewards on this very website.

I still don’t get it. You’re telling me how it can be used (thanks) but I want to know how it works. The video and docs just say “scan this QR code, web sockets, and then sats.”

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It's not really meant to be used as an end user app, but rather as a library to implement sat streaming. Have you looked through the tutorial (https://socket.money/tutorial/).

There is a neat list of links relates to the project here: https://github.com/moneysocket/awesome-moneysocket.

Seems like development has slowed down though according to their Telegram and GitHub (last commit to their reference implemention was approx. 1 year ago).

This is great.

Noting it down for future use.

Question - how secure would using this be?

What kind of risk is there with streaming payments over web sockets like this?

I'm guessing if u want to go non-custodial, you need something like moneysocket. Otherwise, a custodial implementation like what Stacker News has is the alternative.


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Have seen this bitmex just rolled put something similar very cool if anyone wants link I could drop lmk? I feel like most know already

Yes, please post it :-)

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